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  1. This is so funny because it's true. A few people have asked me what I'm taking for my hair, so I tell them about Fin and how I'm lucky to be such a good responder 😅, I don't mention my HT.
  2. Wow, your hair looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing @Bax, love your updates.
  3. Thank you. It's only been the past 2 weeks really where I've seen most of the growth. Hope you're doing well.
  4. Ahh thanks! I'm taking that as a huge compliment. No Toppik, I'm not using that at the minute. I use a scalp concealer instead, which I had shampooed out before the photos, so you might see a spec here or there but no, there isn't any. I will take a photo with toppik soon, the difference is pretty drastic. Yeah, I take Dutasteride and have recently been using Nizoral shampoo. Tbh with you though, I think Dutasteride has really helped, my hair has never been so thick and I've seen regrowth in places the HT didn't touch. That pic is a few days old, I'll take better
  5. 😆😆 I have had to tell people I'm taking medication for my hair.
  6. Thank you 😊 I am really happy tbh, I would even be happy if there wasn't much further improvement. No longer having to worry about my hair is such a beautiful feeling, really is.
  7. Hi all. Quick 4 month update from me, all going well. Feel like my hair has been going through a bit of a growth spurt these past couple of weeks, noticing new hairs daily and everything just feeling thicker. I cut my hair a couple of days back, I basically did a bald fade, working up to a #4 guard. Let me know what you think. Thanks!
  8. Very interesting, thank you for that detailed response.
  9. Just out of curiosity, have you any pics to share of guys with red hair?
  10. "Going as a guy who never went bald" omg I laughed so feckin hard at that. Hopefully I can join you in saying that next Halloween 😁😁
  11. Looks like good work, congratulations! Welcome to team Cinik as @Paulssaid. Becoming quite a large team now, no doubt that will annoy a few people around here. Hehe 😄😄 let the results speak for themselves! That's what I say! Happy growing!
  12. Thanks for sharing, looks like solid work. Very interested to see your updates, happy growing!
  13. Do give it another shot, don't throw in the towel just yet. There are other medications out there. I myself couldn't tolerate Finasteride and switched to Dutasteride, haven't look back since, probably one of the best decisions I ever made but that doesn't mean you'll have the same experience with Dutasteride as I did, it's just another option to consider before giving up. Good luck whatever you decide to do.
  14. I had PRP during my HT with Cinik, I'm just shy of 4 months post op. My hair has grew in really well and I didn't shed much hair post op either. It could be that Dutasteride has helped with my situation or I just got lucky, but I do think the PRP helped at least with the healing.
  15. Congrats @Bax! Really happy for you and your hair looks so good!
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