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  1. I saw you post about this HT elsewhere. Paying $475 for a HT is crazy, and people think Turkey is cheap 😅. For the price you paid, I think you did pretty well, good luck healing.
  2. I wore one for 5 years and I totally agree with @Gatsby, you have to have the personality to wear a system. It takes balls of steel to go out wearing a system and you have to be very confident and own it - you wear the hair, the hair doesn't wear you. I think wearing a system should be your absolute last resort, exhaust all your other options first. If cost is a deciding factor, it shouldn't be - wearing a system over 10 years will easily cost you more than a HT. There is a very dark side to wearing a system that these buffoon's on YT do not discuss, there is a mental cost to weari
  3. Really enjoyed watching your progress, the 18 month results are incredible, you have beautiful hair!
  4. Yeah, you're right. I was just a bit worried that my hair isn't shedding when it should be. I do wash my hair thoroughly and often. I'm actually 9 weeks post op now too, I got it wrong in my previous comment.
  5. Thanks for that. I was starting to worry that I had poor growth, it's mad how much of an emotional roller coaster having a HT is.
  6. Hi, not really been around the forums much recently, I've tried to forget about my HT and concentrate on other things. I'm 9 weeks post op but most of my hair still hasn't shed, apart from around the hairline. I've just had my hair cut for the first time today. My question is this: Am I safe to stop worrying about the ugly duckling stage or do you think my hair is just slow to shed? I don't know what else I can do, I'm trying my best not to worry or stress but it's easier said than done. Will be updating my other thread with (better) progress pictures soon.
  7. I recently had a HT after wearing a system for 5 years, so I know how you feel. You definitely have options and it's not too late. You're right not to put price and location as your biggest factor. I'm also from the UK, have a look at my topic. I'm sure some people will tell you the best Dr's to visit. Ps, are you on fin/dut?
  8. I think you could try a system, there is no harm in giving it a go. As much as I'm against them, I do realise that there are times when a system may be the best option. I take it you would be open and honest about wearing one? It would be difficult to go from slick bald to full head of hair. If you go ahead with purchasing a system, I can give you many tips and advice, feel free to message me about it. Like @LaserCap said, SMP could be a good option too, I've seen some astounding results recently here in these forums, definitely look into that.
  9. That actually looks incredible. I would never know that was SMP.
  10. Already looks fantastic, can't wait to see your updates over the next few months, gonna look amazing I bet,
  11. I would beg that you please just reconsider the hair system for now and concentrate on other options first. Have you tried any medications? Can we see some pics? I will try and answer a couple of your questions but I would never recommend you wear a hair system, I wore one for 5 years. They can look great and that's true, I don't think anyone ever knew I was wearing one apart from those I told. So yes, they can look very good and just like real hair but this takes time, effort and money. Believe me, if you can afford a hair system then you can afford a hair transplant, they are not cheap
  12. @BeHappy thanks for your reply, this side to wearing a system is not spoken about enough and I can't bare to see anymore videos on YT glorifying them. I can't imagine how difficult going through that at 20 must've been, I was 27 and wore one for 5 years and it ruined my mental health in way that I'm still recovering from. It's really hard for me to read comments from those who wear these 'systems', they can look great yes but the price you pay both mentally and physically is not even close to being worth it and I could never wish that mental torture on anyone - let alone recommend someone wear
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