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  1. Many thanks @Portugal25 look forward to seeing the results @PT#31 I've read a fair bit about DR BF and how he's progressed his work with Lorenzo more recently over in Spain. Be interesting to see how he takes off in the industry with all that experience and more results now being posted. Thanks @paddyirishman that makes a lot of sense. Mr Ball was worried he wouldn't be able to create a natural hairline with the coarse hair I have, which put me off a little and worried me that maybe it couldn't be achieved. I'll ask the question for sure. I'm yet to get prices from Dr Reddy but i'd imagine its in that ballpark. I guess thats why i've been quoted less grafts. 1200-1400 from Dr Reddy and 1800-2000 from Dr BF which seems quite a jump? I'll def take my time, i'm OCD about detail, which in this instance is probably a good thing! Cheers
  2. Thanks @Melvin-Moderator I've looked at a fair few results and reviews from Dr Reddy and was very impressed with what he can achieve with minimum grafts. I was quoted around 1200-1400 grafts As for Dr Ferreira; I've followed @Rolandas progress but I must admit I can't find anything else online in terms of reviews. I've looked at Couto, De Freitas reviews too but i'll be sure to check out the other names you recommend too! Thanks
  3. Looks great! Skin fades works brilliantly on the your skin colour and you can barely see the scars. Great post, exactly what I wanted to know given I normally wear my hear with a skin fade too. Thanks and growth is coming along brilliantly.
  4. @Rolandas that makes total sense and one to consider regarding the number of grafts. I think until I know how many grafts I have to play with that will give me some indication of what may be the best option. I have very similar balding pattern to my father whos slighty more receded than me, similar to my grandad too so i'm hoping I could possible get away with one surgery. But I guess you never know! DR BF has thus far come across brilliantly in his responses and if I do go for the additional grafts and density he will be my choice going on conversations so far. Would you say the donor area punch scars are undetectable now for you after 5 months of surgery? Still plenty of research to be done and i've watched your videos too which have been a massive help!
  5. Thanks @1978matt really helpful In regards to DR BF @Rolandas / @Portugal25 i've seen numerous comments from both of you in regards to how good he is and pricing wise too; be great to hear your thoughts. In terms of what all 3 DR's have said online; it's been varied in terms of grafts - 1 said around a 1000 grafts, another 1200-1500 and finally the other 1800-2500 so i'm a little confused why this varies so much Thanks
  6. For context this is my hairline and potential option I was looking at. @1978matt would you recommend going higher on the sides? Thanks again
  7. Thanks I did actually speak with Mr Ball / David online and they were worried that as my hair strands have coarse hair caliber, he had concerns about the ability to create a natural hairline in an area where fine hairs should always be used. This confused me a little as I was under the assumption coarse hair was a good thing for a hair transplant. Forgive me i'm still learning!
  8. Thanks, I was edging towards Dr Reddy after seeing some of his results and what he can get from minimum grafts too. As you say though charging per hair seems strange though. I'm happy to go abroad for sure, it was my initial reason for looking at Dr Ferreira who works with Lorenzo but has his only surgery too. Both those options appeal to me too. \ I'll crack on with contacting those names you mention too and see where it take me Cheers
  9. Hi there; I've been doing plenty of research on hair transplants over the past 3-4 months in lockdown. I'm 34 and have a stable hairline (somewhere around a norwood 2/3) since I was around 22. It used to bother me a great deal when I was younger but now feel less that way and more experienced to make a decision on something like this. I started off without a clue about hair transplants; only seeing your usual Z-listers promoting KSL on instagram. I soon released that their transplants are rubbish and no thought goes into the single grafts at the front, hairlines too low, female hairlines etc. So I did loads of research on doctors. Initially speaking with Dr Ball and then Dr Reddy too. Both I was impressed with over video consultations and liked that they would both focus on limited grafts for a natural hairline. I have thick strands of hair so am a little worried it could create a blocky effect to my hairline and until I see someone in person im unsure what my donor area is like. I've also been speaking with Dr Ferreira in Portugal too who offered a detailed report for me of how he sees my hair along with a drawn on hairline too of what could be achieved. I don't take any medication currently and I am as I say fairly happy with my hairline but I would like to improve it where possible. I'm just keen to hear your thoughts on the above doctors ive listed? Thanks