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  1. Thanks for providing this video, you can provide the very much important information regarding the FUE hair transplant with example.
  2. Nice, curly hair transplant is not the easy treatment because the roots are also curl, and there are very less surgeons who do the treatment of curly hair transplant. My one of the friend live in london who take this this treatment, he also has the curly hair.
  3. Thanks for the video these problem also come to my uncle, and he loss with in 3 month but after that the new hair are grown and he will take the breath of relax, and after when the new hairs are coming. This is an interesting video and i came to learn the new things.
  4. Thanks for posting the compete knowledge of Male FUE, but i have a question that after FUE hair transplantation how many time it take to regrown the new hair and what kind of precautions taken, more over again come to the clinic for check up.
  5. Not to worry for getting the hair transplant, my uncle live in london and he take the hair transplantation by searching on the google and find the best hair transplant clinic in london, use the modern technology and have the expert team. Now, the new hairs are grown on his head. So, donot hesitate just take precautions for some time after the transplantation.
  6. yes, LaserCap we are culprits, hair loss problem is not the big deal but in today's time we all use so many chemicals on our hair like shampoo, colouring hair and many more things; It effects a lot to our hair roots. This is also one of the biggest reason of hair loss.
  7. Thank you Lasercap for clearing my view which i have now you provide me the important knowledge regarding this. But i think hair transplantation is not the bad thing, it take time but hair will after from where the human loss or not come.
  8. Ok thank you i came to know that 2000 grafts concentrated on the hairline is not uncommon, before that i think its common, i know that the doctors are using the latest technologies, but before taking any decision we will consult to doctor because we donot know why the hair fall is occur.
  9. The average density of hair transplant is ranging from 30 to 40 follicular units per square centimetre. Through this density, nearly 2000 follicular units to cover the frontal area as well as the mid-scalp in the highest grade of baldness.
  10. Its normal that 50 to 100 hair loss a day is normal, i studied that. Its not the big deal. Iam of 25 i loss around 25 hair a day its a normal.
  11. Botox is helpful and remove all the line on the forehead or any where on the face, it have no side effects my one of the friend take this treatment now he has no wrinkle and line on his face.
  12. FUE Hair Transplants is very popular in today's time because hair loss problem is very effects in human age specially in males, thats why males do more hair transplantation, and this treatment is done in just 3 or 4 hours.
  13. I want the hair transplant and live in London, UK is their any best hair transplant in london, UK provide me at an affordable price. I find one london hair transplant clinic but also tell me more so that i will decide which is the best.
  14. I also need a hair transplant, i live in UK, london I visit a lot of clinic but they are very costly and i need best hair transplant clinic with affordable price.
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