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  1. ^ I mistakenly applied some Aloe Vera gel on the donor area at day 3 as it was very itchy hence the glaze visible in the photo above.
  2. Hi guys, 12 days post surgery. Thought I’d share some more photos. Please let me know what you think! The scabs took around 11 days to fall off which I guess is normal.
  3. Hi @Egy I had my procedure in the Midlands - Bromsgrove to be precise. However, I understand he has a number of clinics in the Midlands - Birmingham and Nottingham mainly. He is affiliated to the Private Clinic too: https://www.theprivateclinic.co.uk/medical-team/dr-ismail-ughratdar
  4. Hi Guys, I took the plunge recently and had a FUE hair transplant through Dr Ismail Ugratdar. Not a renowned HT surgeon on this forum at all compared to other more commonly know surgeons, however I had come across some good accounts/experiences which convinced me to go ahead with Dr Ish. When I arrived at the clinic I was welcomed by a member of Dr Ish’s team. I then had a review of my hairline with Dr Ish and we agreed the best and most natural hair line for what I wanted to achieve. We then commenced the hair shaving, done by one of the technicians (Kate) and then I got
  5. Hi all, I recently came across the hair restoration network and became a member today after being mightily impressed by the level of knowledge and information shared by the members of the forum. I am in the process of finalising my HT and in the current climate wanted to stay within the uk for my HT and avoid taking a trip to Turkey. I am likely to finalise my booking with Hair Dr (Doctor Arshad) and will share my experience too. Does anyone have any positive / negative or otherwise feedback on Hair Dr / Doctor Arshad that they wish to share before I take the plunge?
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