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  1. Hi, @HisHairness — just checking in. How are things progressing??
  2. I thought it might be helpful to get a read on the advice I was provided rather than the person providing it. I wanted to avoid creating bias, in the positive or negative, by naming the physician outright.
  3. HI all, I could really use your expertise. I'm 36 and hovering around a NW3V/NW4, and I'm getting some mixed messages about whether FUT or FUE is the way to go. I'm hearing two different evaluations of the two: (1) From what I've read/researched: FUE provides less recovery time, better cosmetic results in the donor area, but the results in the recipient area can sometimes vary as there's greater risk of transecting the donor hair. FUT would result in a scar and longer recovery time, but the maximum possible grafts would likely survive and you would avoid depleting your donor area.
  4. Thanks for sharing, @UK39 -- looks great, and it seems like you're right on track!
  5. Hi all! I know it varies, but how soon can I expect shock-loss after surgery? Any idea how long it generally takes for the affected areas to grow back? My surgery is scheduled for the end of July and I'm just trying to prepare myself.
  6. How are things coming along, @UK39? Any progress??
  7. I have an FUE booked with Dr. Rahal at the end of this month. I was told on the phone that they primarily do FUE now, though I didn't explicitly ask if the've discontinued FUT. This man had FUE with Dr. Rahal last year: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoUA5GaXeM4nT-Lf2EWNtQSzcd_yOv7hK Check it out -- great result, and you can follow his entire 12 month journey. I'm still nervous, but this made me a bit more comfortable with moving forward.
  8. Hi all -- recently paid a deposit for a HT with Dr. Rahal next month. Still deciding whether I want to take the leap, as I've been seeing some variability here in terms of results/outcomes. I was just wondering: I've not been taking any medication to slow the recession and I wasn't planning on taking any post-surgery. I understand that native hair will continue to recede at a normal rate if I don't take finasteride/monoxidil/rogaine, etc, but will this also reduce the likelihood that the grafts will take? Should I expect less growth, or will they just take longer to sprout? I don't mind w
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