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  1. Hi All - apologies in advance for asking a question that has likely come up multiple times in the past (I’ve searched through the database but there’s so much info to sift through). How soon after FUT would you suggest I start using Minoxidil? I’ve been taking finasteride for the last 3 weeks but haven’t used Minoxidil before. I am currently at Day 7, I’m pretty sure my surgeon said Day 14 but I had a lot of drugs in my system at the time so it’s all a little foggy. I’d ask him directly but I trust the info from you guys more! Is there any evidence either empirical or anecdotal that it actually helps with shock loss? many thanks in advance.
  2. Thank you all for taking the time to reply. really informative. It’s a fascinating science..!
  3. Thanks for the reply. No comment from the doc pre op. The ratio was a little disappointing but I guess not awful in the grand scheme of things?
  4. Hi - I had an FUT operation back in 2009 (1671 grafts with 4303 hairs, 2.57x ratio). I had a second FUT last week with 2479 grafts but only 4800 hairs (1.93x ratio). I was 28 when I had my first procedure and 39 currently. Is it common to see graft to hair ratio degrade overtime? This website is great btw - I’ve posted some pictures and more about my story on my profile.