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  1. Thanks for your reply. I’ve been taking a daily pill of Iraltone Aga Plus for a month, but it’s not doing anything I think. The derm said that I’d start to notice results in 2-3 weeks but it has gone worse.
  2. Hi, at first sorry for my English, I’m from Spain and I’m 20 yo. Since the start of the lockdown I experienced an excessive hair loss, so I started to worry a lot (as my dad is not bald, but his 2 brothers and dad are. Not bald guys in my moms family though). Since I was 16-17 I’ve had poor density in the sides but I think that now is more obvious (what I think it’s called retrograde alopecia), and I think that my nape has receded a bit. Same with my hairline. I went to a dermatologist and after analysing my hair with a tricoscope she concluded that I don’t have mpb, but she saw that I have ex
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