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  1. Please send me a link when you upload it. I’d love to see the whole story and progress...
  2. Would you guys recommend using derma roller while on finasteride? I’ve read in other threads that it works wonders so I am willing to try it out 1-2 times a week. I’ve seen a few on amazon and from my understanding Dr Pen is the way to go. Is there any difference between Dr Pen A6 vs A7? Also I’ve noticed the most common pin needles online are the 36 ones but I’ve read somewhere that it’s best to use 12 pin needles if you don’t have advanced hair loss at 1,5mm in order avoid damaging existing hair follicles. What’s your opinion on that? Would you recommend the Dr Pen one with 12 pin needle?
  3. @LaserCap that's great advise! Thanks for taking the time to reply. I am not planning to stop and I understand we are talking about a treatment and not a cure. I am not usually a person who gives up by not seeing results. I have already consulted with great doctors and they explained to me how this works, thanks for confirming it. @Gabreille Nelson Mukhia thanks for your comment. To be perfectly honest I was also thinking that I would need around 2000 grafts but after consulting with 4 different doctors they all suggested to me that I will need between 3200 and 3800 grafts. However, I am planning to check my hair again after at least 6 months of finasteride and re-evaluate with them. I was also suggested to avoid combining finasteride with minoxidil at the beginning but introduce it after my hair gets stronger. @AB2000 I tend to not follow blatantly whatever I see online and I take everything with a grain of salt. As @Gatsby said he has some interesting videos but to be honest I will only follow the indications of experienced doctors and the trichologists I am currently in contact with. Thanks again everyone for your valuable comments. This is a great community and I am happy I can get insight from you guys!
  4. @O Hare 57 thanks for your suggestion. I have decided to proceed with finasteride. I had my doctor prescribe it to me and already bought it. Yesterday I did blood and urine exams to check my vitamin D, testosterone etc and I will start with a small dosage of 2mg per week for a month and then increase it to 3mg. I am in contact with Dr Ferreira and most probably going to be checked by him and decide about the proper dosage. Thanks again all for your suggestions.
  5. I hope the best for you! So far everything looks good but I'd love to see how things progress! Waiting for your next update pics!
  6. I've got to agree Demirsoy is a tempting option but I am still hesitant to go to a Turkish clinic. I am leaning towards Dr Bruno Ferreira in Portugal as he is really professional and the only one that spotted I might have DUPA (diffused unpatterned alopecia) and asked me to get examined. All the rest including Demirsoy just send me their quotation without much attention to detail. From what I've heard though Demirsoy is a great doctor and his results are great. Haven't come across some bad results online from him yet. Your results look great by the way! I'll be waiting for your follow up pictures in the next months!
  7. @1978matt thanks for your reply. After a lot of research I am convinced not to perform a hair transplant in Turkey and I will be saving up to go to a more reliable clinic. I am in conversation with Dr Bruno Ferreira from Portugal and he suggested to me that I might have DUPA which might affect my donor area but he needs to perform a closer examination. I was also considering finasteride 3mg per week to begin with so I am weighing my options at the moment and decide, after consulting with more trichologists, how to proceed. Thanks again for your feedback!
  8. @Gatsby thanks for the valuable info! I just watched a few videos and Joe Tillman seems to know his stuff pretty well! As I said I will be waiting for replies from some clinics I have already contacted and decide how to proceed with the prescription my trichologist suggested. Once again thanks for everything.
  9. Thanks for your input. However 5% isn't a small percentage. I have a friend who used to take finasteride and had the reduced sexual libido so I am a bit hesitant. Of course if I go with a transplant I will take it if prescribed but I wanted to know if there is alternative in the market that is equally as good. Is it recommended to use minoxidil and finasteride a certain period before hair transplant or I can also do the surgery without using these before? In any case, I have already contacted hair transplant clinics with these questions but I wanted also a general opinion to compare answers. Thanks again all for your comments.
  10. Hi all, I am new to this forum and in general I have never looked into hair loss solutions before but it has really started to bother me recently so I need your opinion on the matter. I don’t have any medical diseases or any health conditions. I do not use any medicines and I don't use any particular products for my hair. I was looking into a possible hair transplant as I noticed that I have started losing hair 9-10 years ago. I am 34 years old and recently I've visited a trichologist and diagnosed me with androgenic alopecia.The trichologist suggested to me a 4 month treatment and then he needs to examine me to suggest how to proceed. He informed me that I will most probably go with a PRP treatment after the 4 months but he wanted first to see the results of the products I will be taking which would be the following: - Krim up Andro supplements (one pill every morning after breakfast) - Golden Crim B+C from Solgar (one pill every morning after breakfast) - Liquid Vita D3 (1ml after breakfast) - Minoxidil 5% Biorga (apply one time every 2 days and not twice a day as the recommended dosage) - Tricovel PRP plus gel (apply once a week) He also subscribed to me 3 different shampoos to use every other day: - Micro Peel Dercos from Vichy - Kerium DS from la roche ponay - Dercos DS greasy hair I was thinking of proceeding with a hair transplant sooner rather than following other treatments but I am not sure whether it's better to wait for my hair loss to advance before I do a hair transplant. I am also hesitant to use Finasteride as even the trichologist told me it has side effects and reduces sexual libido. What is your opinion on this? Is there any alternative after a hair transplant? Right now my budget would be around 4000 euros and I was looking into Turkish clinics but reading through this forum I really got sceptical so I am not sure anymore if to wait to gather more money and do it somewhere like Portugal at Mr Ferreira. Could you suggest to me some good Drs or Clinics in Italy and Greece as well or I should go with a safe bet in Portugal or HLC in Turkey? In case I need to wait for a hair transplant would you say it would be good to start using minoxidil or other products? How about shampoos? Looking forward to your comments and thanks for your attention.