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  1. Hi everyone, Thank you all for your feedback. I wanted to provide a quick update. Ultimately, I decided to return to Dr. Nadimi. After speaking with many doctors, I felt most comfortable with Dr. Nadimi. She is an ethical Dr. who cares greatly about her patients, she is there with you throughout the entire surgery which is important to me. She is super responsive to any questions or concerns as well and makes herself available to speak. My second choice was Hasson and Wong but I couldn't get as comfortable with them as I am with Nadimi. I had some frustrations with my hairline design but it is a hairline that the Dr and I decided on and I agreed to. She delivered on what was agreed upon so any conflict with design, I take responsibility for. Will post updates!
  2. I unfortunately only have after pics right now.. Understand these won't be really helpful obviously-- I reached out to Nadimi's clinic for the before photos that were taken there before surgery and will post when I receive.
  3. Are you of the opinion that Dr. Hassan is the best hair surgeon in North America? (maybe after Konior!)
  4. Thanks you Abi28. That's where I am leaning but am interested to here what other forum members are thinking!
  5. Hi everyone, I wanted to consult with you all regarding my hair transplant journey. I live in Miami, Florida and traveled to Chicago where I had an FUE surgery with Dr. Sahar Nadimi one year ago and had 1500 grafts put in. At the time, I already felt I had great hair but wanted to restore my hairline which was thinning in the corners. While I must say, the experience with Nadimi's office was 100% exceptional and my donor area did not even look like I had surgery within a week, I mean seriously some of the best donor work I have ever seen. A year later and what i'm facing is that I just don't like the hairline she designed for me, it does not suit my face, does not replicate my natural hairline and doesn't suit my features. I have a long, narrow face and my hairline is now much wider looking it is straight through the center and naturally, there was a dip in the center and less open in the corners. I would never have anticipated a second procedure, but here we are. I consulted with Nadimi and again and while I like her, she is a bit combative and not in line with what my aspirations are she is also apprehensive about doing any work behind the leading edge of the hairline. Thus, i've decided to consult other doctors- including Rahal, Vories, Diep, Hasson and Wong, Bisanga, Cuoto and Bruno Ferreira. I spoke with Vories and was not thoroughly impressed. I spoke with Diep and really liked him, good guy and hit it right on the head- your hairline does not match your face and is the wrong design- he said this without me even saying a word about it which kind of brought me on board with him right way. I know one of your moderators had a surgery with him but I do have to say while he is my first choice, I am highly concerned with his donor sites, and, I have seen some results that were ultimately bad in the long run- bald spots- you've seen these results as well. I do prefer his hairlines and work to Hasson and Wong. I really wanted to work with Diep but ultimately, I just don't see if this is worth the risk. Hair Transplants are about results at the end of the day but some of his post donor sites are unsettling and I have seen results where there are definitely patchy spots in the long run in the donor area, not that this happens with everyone but I just cannot justify the risk. One thing I really appreciated about Nadimi was how amazing my donor site looked after surgery and how it looks now. Moving on, I am now focusing on Dr. Rahal and Hassan. My personal opinions are as follows, I prefer Rahal's hairline work, I think that Hassan produces more V shaped hairlines which would not be a natural look for me. That being said, I am actually leaning toward Hassan just for the fact that I find him to be the most consistent, I really have not seen poor reviews from him, donor issues or dissatisfied clients. If I could count on Rahal, I would prefer to go there but I have heard of recent dissatisfactory reviews and I have also heard he spends very little time in the operating room- the latter less important to me because it's all about results at the end of the day. But am I going to get a bad result from Rahal? While I like his hairline and work better I just see there being more risk with him than Hassan. I have not been able to find recent reviews regarding Rahal and have actually had trouble finding a lot of photos from his post ops. Also not important to me but not impressed with his reps, annoying. It's crazy to me that in my gut i'm leaning toward Hassan while I am not blown away by his hairline results, there is so much hype around them too. I consulted with Konior and I think he's really the best, he felt that Nadimi produced excellent results and politely suggested I work with her again. I however did not consider Konior due to waiting list and cost (18K for 1500 grafts) other than this price, I am mostly pretty price flexible and wouldn't deem this a top criteria. I am straying from Nadimi for facts stated above and also because her primary focus is not Hair transplants, and I believe it's best to work with someone with a single focus. Will also point out that what is great about Nadimi is that you are getting her and Koniors staff- she's in the room the whole time. Lastly, I am considering Bisanga, Ferreira Cuoto- I frankly am almost at the point of removing Bisanga from my list because it feels crazy to fly from Miami to Brussels for a hair transplant when there are great doctors closer. I also am not too thrilled about the thought of being in a foreign country when healing after a procedure and then flying back a prolonged distance, based off of my experience in my first FUE, it's nice to be comfortable after, abroad could be stressful. I am in process of consulting with Ferreira but I don't' think he has the experience of other surgeons I am considering. I would travel to Cuoto because I think his results are just absolutely insane- yes, they are youtube videos and we have not seen unbiased forum posts but none the less- but none the less best results in my opinion. Trouble with Cuoto is long waiting list of almost two years. Lastly and very important, it is not ideal that you cannot consult with some of these doctors directly- Hassan and Rahal for example only consult through reps, pointless in my opinion because I am now pretty well versed in HT and would like to speak to a DR- this makes the decision increasingly difficult. I think you really have to take all factors into account which makes this challenging, while I was most impressed with some of Dieps results my opinion is he carries the most risk, my gut wants to take a chance on Rahal but the sound, safe and wise part of me tells me my best bet is with Hassan. I am basically putting this out there for any help and experience that might lead me to a decision, ready to move on from this! Thank you!!
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