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  1. Just wondering would a coloured hair thickening spray (Mane or bouffe) potentially have any negative effect on a hair transplant at 2 months post op? I prefer the spray to fibres as it's more convenient and easier to apply but obviously as it's an aerosol it would come with added ingredients such as alcohol. My plan would be to apply in the morning before work, wear it throughout the day for maybe 10-12 hours and then shower it off so as to sleep with a clean scalp. Is there in fact any products that can harm a hair transplant at this stage? I've sort of logically told myself it should be fine as those who have only small HT's or unshaven ones would probably be using regular Hairspray at 2 months post op which would contain the same alcohols etc.
  2. I've done a lot of research on hair transplants and graft anchorings but one thing I've never been able to find a definitive answer for, is how could someone be certain that a graft (or multiple grafts) has been lost? I understand that after a couple of days leading up to a week, it gets harder and harder to accidentally dislodge a graft. However it is still possible. Losing a hair is normal, losing a scab is normal. Losing a hair attached to a scab or crust is also normal. But what isn't normal? I'm asking this question simply because I'm curious and unaware.
  3. Hello Just wondering if anyone on here has previously undergone a HT and proceed to buzz their hair bald until the new hairs grow in as that's what I'm considering doing. For the last few years I've been using concealer to mask my super thin hair. Original plan was to have a HT during lockdown and then take time off / work from home until existing hair regrew long enough so that concealer could be applied and appearance wouldn't have changed much. Unfortunately it may turn out that I have to return to work much sooner than I originally anticipated so I am toying with the idea of just buzzing all the hair off when I return (at least then the main focus will be on how I've buzzed my hair and not people wondering why my hair looks like I've aged 30 years in the space of a few weeks. One positive of this is that as the hair does grow in, it will be gradual so it won't look too different overnight (whereas if I applied concealer and then suddenly stopped when the hair density grew in it would be quite a drastic change very quickly). However the negative side to this is that I realise new growth takes time and so I might have to keep buzzing my hair for a while if I do. Just wondering if anyone else has similar experience because most posts I see, people just let their natural hair grow and leave it whilst waiting for the new hair to grow (people who don't use concealer as they'll look pretty normal after a few weeks)