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  1. Thanks for the solid advice everyone. I'll take all this into consideration and even if I proceed with a ht, it would be a very conservative one. I find that puzzling too. I see great results from some doctors using 1000 - 1500 grafts whereas others use way more than that for a similar area. So, yeah I definitely dont want to use that many grafts at my current stage. I wish I belonged in the group of people who dont get sides but I tried it with varying doses. A lower dose hit me with similar side effects after some time. That is why I'm experimenting with a much much lower topical dose even though it might be useless.
  2. Thanks Melvin. My dad is a Norwood 5 - 6 with some thin hair on his crown. He lost a lot of hair but spread across many years. Our patterns look similar. Given that and the fact that I don't want to use fin, would you recommend waiting for my hair loss to progress or getting a small operation now?
  3. Hey everyone, I'm looking for some advice regarding a potential hair transplant and progression of my hair loss. To give you some information about me: I'm 30 years old I believe I started losing my hair around 6 years ago. My hair loss hasn't been aggressive so far. My temples are receding and I've probably lost some thickness but not to the level that I would consider it diffuse thinning. I've been using Rogaine foam once a day for 4-5 years. I use a ketoconazole shampoo once or twice a week. I dermastamp once a month, if I don't forget. I prepare a topical solution with 60 ml minoxidil and 4mg of finasteride(4 propecia pills) and use that twice a week. Now I know this is an extremely low dose and I'm fully aware that this might not be doing anything at all. But I tried finasteride before, once with the recommended dose which started giving me side effects in a month and once with .25mg twice a week which gave me side effects after 7 months. So I prefer this very low dose topical solution with potentially 0 benefit to using the pills. I might even stop this. As you'll see in my photos, my temples are receding. I'm not actually that displeased about it. But, I know I'll most likely keep losing and there will come a time where I'm displeased and want an operation. So instead of waiting and having a larger operation done, I'm thinking about starting small and using my donor very conservatively and most likely having 2. and 3. operations in the future. I know these will be needed especially because I'm not on finasteride. Honestly right now even a tiny restoration done on my temples would satisfy me. So I'd really like to hear your opinions about this plan. Does it make sense to go down this path without being on finasteride? If so, how many number of grafts would be required in your opinion for a small operation? I'm Turkish so I would go to a clinic in Turkey. I've been doing research here and on the turkish forum and I've decided to reach out to a few clinics. - ASMED: I've filled out their detailed form and mentioned I want a small operation and don't want to use finasteride. They replied saying that the final evaluation would of course be done at the clinic but from the photos I've sent, they are proposing 3000 - 3500 grafts and recommend finasteride. The hairline they drew was quite at the front too. Now, this number I feel is too big for a plan like mine and I got the feeling that they didn't really read what I had written in the form. - HLC: They acknowledged my plans to be conservative in their reply which was great and offered to transplant 2500 - 3000 grafts. They said they came up with this after considering my donor and my hair loss progression. - Dr. Keser: I am waiting for a reply. Honestly, his results are what I want. Low grafts, high yield and great hairline design. But it looks like Dr. Keser isn't as available these days. - Dr. Pekiner: I am going to send an email to see what he thinks. Last two photos I've attached are with wet hair and camera flash. Thanks for reading up to this point. I would appreciate any advice.