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  1. Hi @Melvin-Moderator 100% agree I am more than happy for the clinic to respond I just didn’t want it to appear that I was requesting a response.
  2. thanks for the advice and offer Melvin however the purpose of this update wasn’t to question the clinic publicly. The idea was to gain helpful insight and support from the community with the possible second procedure/post procedure which I’m glad that I have!
  3. @Curious25 I had not had previous surgery no. I think that in the pre op pics it could be lighting coupled with it being fully shaven I’ve always had very thick hair on the back/sides and Dr Arshad commented on how good my donor area was before and during the first procedure. I’ll upload some further images of my current donor area to see what everyone thinks as to whether another procedure is possible. Again all help is greatly appreciated!
  4. Thanks everyone for all your support and comments. There are pictures of my donor pre procedure after the head was fully shaved at the top of the thread but can try to find find ones where the hair is longer if that would be useful? In terms of why the result wasn’t as good as expected, Dr Arshad said it can be a number of reasons but didn’t specifically speculate. He did say it wasn’t due to lack of grafts as over 3600 grafts were used with the objective of 45-50 grafts/cm2. Dr Arshad did all of the extraction and incision making himself whilst the technicians sorted and implan
  5. Hi both really sorry to have not posted an update until now thanks for your interest, I only just saw your questions. I will post an update for sure, would it also be useful to post updates from 3,6, 9 month photos etc? I would have to dig them out. 11.5 month update is: I went in to see Dr Arshad a couple of weeks ago and we both agreed that it has not achieved the desired result. We have agreed to go for a second procedure on May 20th 2021 (exactly 12 months after the first procedure). Not exactly sure how many grafts will be taken at this stage will depend on how the donor/recipient ar
  6. 3687 Grafts Tuesday 19th May with Dr arshad. before and after pics are below + regular ongoing updates. Feel free to offer advice / ask any questions
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