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  1. Can confirm, every stubble hair is part of a multi graft that contain grown hairs. Now at 14 months. Any doctors on the board that might have seen something similar?
  2. They aren't visible on pictures, at least not on cellphone camera with flash. I believe the stubble hairs are part of multi grafts where the other hair/hairs have grown. I'll get back to the thread when I've had someone take a look at them through a magnifier glass. Multis can have varying growth cycles so I've read but 13 months seems like stretch doesn't it?
  3. So I'm at 13 months after a large FUE session and still have stubble hairs in the crown and rear part of the mid scalp. Around 7-8 months I tried to have a few pulled out with tweezers but they are stuck in the scalp like any other hair. They just aren't getting any longer. I read a few similar threads with people having old shed hair shafts still remaining but I can assure you this is not the case. Could it have something to do with a weakened donor area, miniaturized grafts or DHT affected grafts that leave hairs in the resting stage for longer? I sure hope not. The result of the transplant is otherwise good, growth timeline has been a little strange and slow though. Great early growth 3-5 months but already slowed down at the 6 month mark. Then not much change at all between 6-9 months. Slowly getting better again from there and a significant improvement from month 11-13 (now).