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  1. I was quoted CHF 3.40 which is €3.15 or £2.85 per graft for 6000 graft with Hattingen over two days FUT. I will try to negotiate and see where I can get. The price is on their website and it is transparent to one and all.
  2. Hi mate, You are looking at around 7000-8000 grafts to cover the whole head. Logic says that FUT would be ideal and I am in the same boat as yours requiring 6000 graft. I am seriously considering Hattingen in Switzerland as they have good record with NW 5/6/7.
  3. Thanks for the clarification. On a second thought it makes it even more difficult to choose either one as both complement each other. That 'OR' statement should have been an 'AND' statement and it would have been perfect sweet.
  4. These packages are very confusing. There is no guarantees to book or get Dr. Sethi for your surgery even if you select the most expensive Premium package. The ‘OR’ statement makes it very unpredictable who will turn up on the day of the surgery.
  5. Muresanu is the uncrowned FUT king in Europe. Rahal doesn't do FUT anymore for info.
  6. Dr BF is really good based on the several interactions I had with him. At one point I almost selected him for my HT but later decided to go with FUT and hence ruled him out. But for FUE, I would have gone with him regardless of the price.
  7. @Portugal25How come your mate Dr. BF €2.5 didn't make the cut?
  8. Most ethical doctors might not even offer their services. But I would like you to consult the doctors, it would be interesting to hear their response and post it here.
  9. Just recalled that Dr. Rahals rep said that the FUE graft survival rate now is equivalent to FUT and hence Dr. Rahal stopped offering FUT. But let's hear it from the horse's mouth directly.
  10. Quote from email: "Thank you for the update. Unfortunately we do not offer FUT at our clinic but if you ever change your mind and decide you would prefer FUE just let me know!" I also had a Google meet video chat with Dr. Rahal's rep and the same was clearly communicated with me.
  11. This is not misinformation. I have an written evidance confirmation from his rep @rahalhairline.com from Yesterday that Dr. Rahal has stopped doing FUT.
  12. Sad that Dr.Rahal doesn't do FUT anymore for which he was called the Hairline King by the people. His FUE results doesn't even come close to the FUT wow results.
  13. Where are you having the megasession FUT? I recently decided myself to have the same over FUE and I am considering Hattingen Hair in Switzerland.
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