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  1. They never responded to my emails or calls. Also, it can be sketchy going to Reynosa.
  2. Does anyone have transplant surgery experience with HLCC and Scripts products. Considering going to HLCC for transplants. I'm using the Re-Stem + and their vitamins. Doctor said I should try the Re-Stem which is minoxidil for three months then go back for an evaluation. Their cost is $ 3.75 /graft. I've tried contacting Dr. Nadar in Reynosa but no response. Also, nervous about going to Mexico right now.
  3. Can anyone recommend a Doctor near Mcallen TX in the USA? The only place I can find with googled is HLCC with Dr. S Michael Fuhrman. all the reviews they've posted are off course very positive .....but.... Anyway, any recommendation from the Rio Grande Valley area would be great!