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  1. Totally agree. We probably all perceive things to be a lot worse than they actually are. It probably is a mental thing, at least partially. But then hairloss does cause extreme anxiety and mental pain, it did for me certainly, which will certainly enhance any self critic regarding looks etc and indeed worsen the actual hairloss. Will probably be paranoid about it throughout my life no doubt. For me it was a big expense. I can't see me ever being in the position to do more than maybes one more but it'll have to be bad for that. I'm glad you are reasonably happy with your results thus far mate. Have you a link to your own experience? Would like to read about it.
  2. Excuse my ignorance, I see you've had a couple of transplants, are you happy now with your result mate. I'm 39 so chances are I'll need a filler in a few years or so. Hopefully not but nature and a stressful job takes it's toll.
  3. Thanks johnboy. Still slightly thinner than I'd like on my left side which is where it was worse but overall I can't complain too much. Broke my phone, just got it fixed today so I'll get a day light pic tomorrow am
  4. Mate, I've just recently posted my results from asmed also, not quite as spectacular as yours but in general I'm happy. Your new barnet looks the absolute business. Just a general question, I've tried to contact my asmed patient coordinator Sema but seems she no longer works there. Where do you get you finistride from? They had a big problem with generic when I was at asmed. Effectively said it's next to useless. It's ridiculously expensive in the UK to buy proscar that they provide you with for a year but I've ran out, still got some generic from assured pharmacy who seem legit. Just wondering mate. Looking top drawer btw.
  5. This was 14 days post op... Still with the grey hair! 😂 
  6. As you can see, it was taken quite far back as o was really rather thin as well as receding. But in general yes, it was mainly a badly receded hairline and thinning behind it. I'm just home from work and it's getting dark but I promise I'll take daylight images tomorrow of the result after 13 months.
  7. Mate, it was pretty horrendous. I was able to style it to hide a great deal of the issue, as you could see but as you can see it was fairly well receded and thinning and not to mention grey! Couldn't use hair dye and was advised not to cut my hair for a period of time prior to my attendance. I've purposefully circled the two worry lines to give a comparison of before and after. It's the same line. I've been busy at work so as yet unable to get a day light picture of after but I will do at some point in next few days.
  8. I feel Dr koray has had a bit of a hard time of it on here over the last year or so. Here is my experience. I travelled to turkey in April last year to get my transplant. From minute one the service was outstanding, even in a crazy Istanbul airport my driver was easily identifiable and the process was easy (flew home out the new airport which was magnificent btw) My experience of the clinic was they were excellent at customer service. I stayed in the Radisson next to it. Literally a two minute walk, but was still picked up. Everything worked like clockwork. This is all incidental. The result I've had has been pretty good. I'm slightly upset at my self not to have challenged the shape of the hairline that was designed but that's on me. It's also slightly less thick on my left side. But overall a very decent job. 3800 grafts. I've been complemented on it numerous times, I used to play football so a lot of the people I know have had transplants done, badly in the uk and else where in turkey. Anyways here is my before and after. It got worse before I went out there. Please excuse the bad lockdown haircut. I've purposefully frowned so you can see the top line of my head to make a comparison. I'll take a pic with better lighting tomorrow. No product other than a wee bit of wax to give shape. Oh and my just for men hair dye 😂...