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  1. The truth is no you will not regrow any hair, you will just prolong what you have, that’s why it’s called a preventative medication if it regrew hair it would be a cure and that just does not exist for hairloss
  2. You ask the chances of the miniaturised hair growing back, you have 0 chance, finasteride will maintain what you have it will not and does not regrow hair that has gone through miniaturisation, the only way is to replace hair that is lost
  3. i take pictures of my scalp every 12 months, and I can see the last 2 years it doesn’t look at thick at crown
  4. I’ll be honest with you, your hairline is receding not maturing, also the top of your head and crown looks like it’s thinning, your be bald before your 30 unless you get on medication asap
  5. This is not TE, TE presents itself as thinning all over the scalp, I can clearly see your hair is balding I suspected DUPA or MPB
  6. I have started taken this after a long time using Propecia, reason for the switch is I felt Propecia was starting to wear off, I just wanted to know if anyone taking this has noticed there hair is less oily? I had loads of sebum production on my scalp but this seems to have helped alot
  7. You need to drop the nizoral it causes big shedding and dry scalp
  8. I see thinning in your crown, but that does not men your go bald soon, look into getting on medication asap
  9. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/11651463/baldness-cure-stem-cells-trigger-hair-growth-in-weeks/
  10. Personally I don’t see dut doing much for you, your balding is quite advanced, Let us know how you get on tho
  11. Do not take these 2 medications together, it’s not recommended and you will potentially get bad side effects, bitch tits being one of them
  12. The only dose you should be taking is the recommended dose, 1mg per day, simple as that
  13. Not really, he states he’s been on it for 10 years, many here including myself have been on it over 20 years, very judgemental, but as you were
  14. That’s good to hear, I’ve never seen a great transplant in the crown, you done the right thing holding off there, I personally think 1mg has its limits after around 5-10 years
  15. Just wondered why you didn’t state your history of use with Propecia? Instead or referring to another member?