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  1. Hi Lonelygraft, The scar after my first surgery was not much bigger the a centimeter. However, I couldn't trim my hair shorter then a 3 to a 3 1/2. 3 was barley noticeable. 3 1/2 was very good, and 4 was the perfect side cut. I do wish it could be cut down to a 1-2, but maybe in the future I'll get grafts placed over the linear scar.
  2. Hi Giegnose,Thanks for the input! And here's a picture my hairline before my first procedure. I've always had lots of hair but the temples and top was high to me. I didn't pull back quite all the way, but best pic I could find.
  3. Impressive. Thanks for the insight! I feel much better about the issues addressed up above.
  4. Out of curiosity, can you elaborate on that more? When you say the way the grafts are planted. What's being done different then others in the industry? For such a large industry I'm surprised you'd call that out that easily.
  5. Hi Abi, my first procedure I had 2600 Grafts. I've always had thick hair but a higher hair line. The first procedure didn't go well mostly with staff. They put tape directly on side grafts which pulled out grafts. I also felt the procedure was rushed and only lasted eight hours. I was over sedated and the whole procedure just felt choppy. The FUT strip also wasn't cut off in a fashion manner, it felt pulled and tugged. I was upset about a lot of this. However, Dr.Diep has great results with patients, five star ratings and the photos of thousands of patients to back his work. He offered a secon
  6. Oh Wow, how did you know that? Haha.. And okay, thanks -
  7. Hey everyone, New to the forums and have some general questions because I’m a newbie about all of this. My first procedure didn’t go so well, had a lot of blank spots and bad density. Just finished a second procedure with another 2,400 grats. Surgeon re-did second procedure at half the cost. I’m now at 6 days. Is shedding this early on normal? I’ve been instructed to not wash head under a shower until the 8th day, only the sponge squeezing method from days 4-7. There’s some lines already being seen in the head that look like track marks, is this also normal? I haven’t touch
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