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  1. Thanks Silent 1243, thing is that most results I've seen where perfect at 6-7 months, and I didn't know it was so early in the process, I just thought that it was it...and thank GNX1, I really hope i'll have a nice growth in the next months...I would undergo SMG willingly, if it wasn't for its price...it's awfully expensive and I can't afford anything else atm...I've seen wonderful results though!
  2. thanks BeHappy , I hadn't been told that...I'll wait and see! Thank you so much!
  3. Thanks, this really helps: if you guys say that the initial stages were good, I guess I'm being a bit too impatient. The new hair is fuzzy and thin and impossible to comb unless you use a toothbrush. My hair is fine and curly, but these new hairs are really impossible to style.
  4. Hi Melvin, yeah, I'm a woman and my hair is quite fine...but the transplanted one is very fuzzy and quite impossible to style atm; it looks wet because i use some aloe vera 100% gel to push it back. Anyway, I'm adding some photos without any product added, I just brushed them with an old tooth brush (the new hair is too fine, fuzzy and thin for a comb). The left side worries me as it is still see through. Thank you, I've seen your youtube channel , very helpful!
  5. Thank you Oliveratom and Spidey! I attach here some (hopefully) clearer photos...the left side is the one the worries me more, the left is quite ok, at least for now. Thank you for your feedback, it's very appreciated.
  6. Hi everyone, i'm sharing this because I'm feeling blue and I don't really trust my clinic any longer...it's a Clinic in Spain and I'll share the name after 18 months, whether the results will be good or bad. This is the situation. When I underwent puberty, 20 years ago, my forehead assumed a very weird shape, due to some issues related with hormones and maxillar development. Needless to say, it created a lot of discomfort every time I was swimming, or even walking on a windy day. Last year then I found a clinic which was offering HT at a very good price. It was a case of forehead lowering, and the doctor said my case was an easy one. She said she would transplant 2000 follicles in my temples, but there's no knowing now. Anyway, I'm posting here the results after 7 months. No wonder I'm quite sad about it. She says that it's evolving well, but a bit slowly, and she suggested taking Minoxidil, which was never on the table and I'd rather not take, because I never suffered from alopecia, and I know it might have a rebound effect of I stopped taking it. What I 've noticed is that the transplanted hair basically stopped growing in February or March, and I don't know if it's because I'm a slow grower (I'm 42) or this is more or less what it's going to be. What do you guys think? And what about the minoxidil? thanks