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  1. Hi. I've read that FUT allows for better donor management (less donor gets damaged compared with FUE). Is this true even if the FUE will be performed by most skilled doctor? Preferably I would go for FUT as my first HT as I know I mostly likely will need more procedures. I have thick straight hair so it would benefit FUE potentially. My concern is that Eugenix looks like a great and affordable clinic but they dont perform FUT. Im currently thinking about going to Hattingen clinic for FUT (more expensive) or going to Eugenix for FUE (less expensive but potentially less donor after the procedure).
  2. Bump. Anyone could recommend a reputable yet still affordable FUT surgeon?
  3. Hello everyone. I hope I won't annoy any moderator with this post as I'm not that familiar with the rules of this forum. My history: I'm 26, from Poland. As a kid, always had a big forehead (born as norwood 2). When I was about 18 after a haircut I noticed, that my hairline is recessed and it looks weird (like a Norwood 3? to this point I always had bangs/fringe so it was impossible to notice any recession, I wasn't even avare of hairloss existence at that moment). The hair was very thick, I could hide it. In the span of last 8 years the hairloss gradually progressed. I'm still a Norwood 3 although I have a slightly more recessed hairline and thinning in front (hair is a lot thinner than what it used to be). My patern of loss looks similar to my dad (currently Norwood 5/6 - gradual recession over the years, accelerated after in his 30s). I have been taking finasteride for 3 months, 3 times a week, no side effects. I think I'm seeing hairs sprouting from my hairline, I have recently shaved it and under light I can see white hairs in front of my recession (where not so long ago used to be hair). I'd like to restore my hairline in the near future (about 1 year+ to see how I do on finasteride). I know that commiting to HT will mean more operations in the future, I accept that. I think I have solid donor (thick, straight, dark, dense - good for FUE?) and my chest hair looks pretty much like my scalp hair but doesnt grow that long and theres also a lot of it. My question: Are there any users from Poland or close countries that have undergone HTs and could advise on choosing the clinic? The Polish clinics are not that good (at least from what I've found on this forum, some people had HT with dr Marwan Saifi, for others there are no reviews). Eugenix looks to be an afordable option and very good clinic but they are very far away (10h flight to India and expensive ticket). I know about Turkey and clinic s like Asmed or Hair of Instanbul have solid reputation - looks viable, but expensive (more expensive than Eugenix). Any other options?