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  1. Cheers guys. Updated some before and afters, I can't believe the difference.
  2. Foam. I don't put Min on the transplated area. Only the crown / mid section
  3. Fin+Min+Niz for nearly 1 year and recently started dermapen for the crown. Couple of breaks from Fin in that time generally lasting 3-4 weeks. Nothing major sides wise. Anything that I think could be attributed to fin always seems to subside or go away. Hair quality has definitely improved and far less brittle and prone to falling out it when running my hands through it, likely due to the Fin. Not getting much reaction from the Min on my crown hence why I'm adding the dermarolling at 1.5mm once a week to my routine.
  4. 8 Months Really happy with how it's going. Right side is better than I ever expected, even for an end result. The lagging left side is now making progress too RS LS This picture in darker lighting shocked me at how much my hair line has improved
  5. I wanted to get it done under the radar and it worked perfectly as no one to this day other than the clinic and this forum know about it. They kept my hair combed slick back during the procedure. It wasn't difficult to keep it in that state as it was constantly wet for the next few days after the procedure. In the mornings it was sometimes a bit messed up so I had to carefully pull back a few clumps of wet hair which was a little sketchy during the healing process. Overall it was fine, apart from a few dodgy haircuts during donor area regrowth. After 10 days I put my hair forward and wore a cap so was pretty much back to normal from then on.
  6. 7 Months Last month photos were a bit late so there's not much time between those photos and these ones. Left side steadily improving thankfully.
  7. 6 Months Not the best lighting, apologies. I do feel like I am starting to get some progress now with the left side now
  8. 5 Months Right side looking great, will it improve much more from where it's at? Left side still lagging behind. Hoping to see some progress soon, as the difference between the two sides is quite substantial. These photos are immediately out of the shower Dry
  9. 4 months Not much change with the uneven growth. Hoping the left side starts to come through more in the next few months. Very happy with the right side so far
  10. Better lighting as promised. Taken today at the 3 1/2 month point. Long way off obviously but my right temple seems to be filling out a lot more compared to the opposite. The redness is a bit more noticeable in these photos too. From what I gather the time frame for this clearing is dependant on the individual and difficult to predict?
  11. It took quite a long time, I was there from 10am until 7pm. Once they shaved the sides and I was pilled up it must have been a solid 6-7 hours with 4 breaks. Dr Reddy took the first set of grafts from the left side pre-lunch and immediately after lunch he took more from the back. I can't tell you much about the incisions as I was gritting my teeth at that point, but it felt like he made a few dozen incisions and then his two technicians were working in tandem at preparing the punches and placing the graft. It felt like that was the process for much of the afternoon. Later on in the afternoon he then took the grafts from the right side and the above process was repeated. I could be wrong but I got the impression they extracted too many grafts as it seemed he was taking a lot more time to find incision points in the last stages of the procedure.
  12. Loving this reaction and from everyone else 😀 A massive part of people not knowing is down to my hairstyle and that I have hidden my forehead since my teenage years with a fringe. It's why I opted for non-shaven over shaven as I was able to disguise the recipient area after only a couple of days. With the power of hindsight, had I known I'd be a non-shedder and I'd be stuck in lockdown for months, shaven would have been fine too 😆 Yeah lighting isn't great in a lot of the pics. I'll get some sharper ones
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