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  1. Bit of an update. Firstly, thanks to everyone that posted & helped with giving feedback of the hairline. Having had follow up convos with Dr Reddy himself, I decided to go ahead with the procedure. The overall experience with the clinic has been mixed, having had multiple calls & f2f consultations with different people and surgeons, finally before getting through to Dr Reddy. They seemed very reluctant to put me with him back at Christmas time because of his backlog. Having said all that, my decision to go ahead with this procedure was always because of Dr Reddy & his team, not The Private Clinic. With that being said, here's some photos of my recovery so far . The procedure went really well, no pain at all except with the injections but I'm generally ok with them so it wasn't the worst. Dr Reddy & his team were fantastic and chatted to me throughout the entire procedure. Day 0 - Donor shaven & hairline drawn Started extraction of back middle & side left. .8 manual punch used. I believe a .9 punch was also used in places as there was some difficulty extracting with .8 Right side was extracted in the afternoon, after back middle & side left grafts were placed into hairline. A lot more bleeding in this extraction? 80% complete if I remember correctly, there were 2 hours to go at this point. My hairline has mixed angles, the right side are angled horizontally away and the left side are straight down which I guess explains the waviness. First few days of recovery, the redness gives a nice illusion of where my hairline will be. Enjoying this whilst I can before the shedding begins. The itchyness was the worst part of recovery so far. The saline spray helped a lot though. No pain whatsoever and not needed painkillers at all. Donor looking good already Day 4 Hair washed for the first time, and starting to dry. I've tried to cover the recipient area slightly and I think it's barely noticeable after a few days that I've had a HT which is incredible ignore the below photo, it won't delete from the post editor
  2. The graft estimate was 1000 give or take 10%. He was very insistent on medication (pre and post procedure) and I recall him mentioning they advise the vast majority of younger cases like myself to come back a year later because they haven't explored this route enough. He was aware from the notes in my 1st of 3 consultations at TPC way way back with a different surgeon that I had been on Fin & Min for some time. I mentioned I was taking 1mg fin for 6-7 months before the first (very mild) sides began. Having said that, I'm not entirely convinced it is fin related as it was not the best time of my life. Of course, I resumed it since then and experimenting with milder dosage levels with no sides as of yet - they seemed fine with this approach. I found The Hair Loss Show really beneficial for information on this. I was definitely not happy with the original design, nor was he when I showed the images on my laptop. The design he drew was better and I am more happy with that (perhaps a little less aggressive on the temple curve as pointed out by another poster) My long term plan is to continue Fin (eventually start Minox post procedure but probably just on the crown) and try to sustain what I have. Based on my family history, it seems inevitable of further loss & thinning of the crown throughout my late 30s & 40s. Having said that, none of my family have used medication so hopefully I can buy a few more years. However, whilst I am aware there is mild thinning of my crown, I feel the complete opposite about that compared to my hairline in terms of going down the surgical route. (Never say never though, I am aware people catch the bug after the first procedure )
  3. Yes, my conversation with Dr Reddy was very reassuring. I will post picture updates as and when.
  4. In terms of design, so I fully understand what you're saying, are you suggesting less curvature on the sides and higher in the middle (similar to below?)
  5. Did he actually get that done? It looks like a lego. I don't know if you saw the revised mockups I posted, but I don't intend on having anything as dramatic as what that guy had OR what I posted in the OP
  6. I understand this is far from a severe case, but it is something I've considered for a long time as I've always had a naturally high / receded hairline. I understand my age is a big factor, and that there is high potential for further loss down the line leading to more procedures. Hopefully it won't be any time soon however. If my family history is anything to go by anyway, which luckily isn't that bad for hair loss. Most of the males just suffer increased thinning rather than further recession or complete balding. I'd say my 65 y/o father is probably not too much more recessed than I am (hairline wise) and still has strong donor areas.
  7. Sides: My lockdown self hair cut probably doesn't help ­čśů
  8. Photos attached. This was, if I remember rightly, an example of what he thought was the lowest. Like I wrote above, he then suggested we might not even need to go this low, especially in the middle area.
  9. @transplantedphi´╗┐l I spoke with Dr Reddy, he said it was too low. I showed him the original photographs and suggestions of the designs posted in this thread. He suggested a couple of options. One of which was to just concentrate on the receded areas and that the middle area might need little to no grafts (not lowering the hairline at all, essentially). This is more aligned in what I am looking for I feel - increased hairline density and to fill the receded areas (instead of a perfect new & lowered hairline). I have some photographs which I will try to upload tomorrow.
  10. I agree with a lot of that @1978matt . I am aware & prepared for the potential for follow up procedures as I age. I agree completely, and would definitely prefer a less aggressive design and like others have mentioned, to follow my existing hairline rather than seeking perfection. Tbh, I would be happy with it not even being lowered, just to fill in the more recessed areas like in the below pic. Forgive the crappy drawing below, it's the best I could do to illustrate what I think is suitable. This is also a more recent photo where I believe demonstrates that fin has done a good job at improving my density as the smaller 'fluffy' hairs were non existent 7 months ago. To update everyone else, I spoke to the clinic today and I will be seeing the surgeon directly next Monday. He has been mentioned in this thread. I feel it's fair to give him a chance to explain the previous photos before I throw them under the bus.
  11. Thank you for this mockup. And @transplantedphi´╗┐l I'm not keen on travelling for this and I am ok paying the UK tax. It is perfect time for me now as well given I am able to work from home and won't be returning to the office until October. I should probably have expanded on that sentence but it is not just about style. I would be happy even keeping the same style (with fringe) even after the transplant. For me, it's about the confidence and improving upon something which has for most of my life been an issue to me. I intend on contacting the clinic with this information tomorrow. I want to find out from the surgeon why this was done, especially given his reputation.
  12. And I appreciate your opinions immensely None of this is by any means final and I am utilising any feedback I receive to quite literally shape the design & outcome. It is clear an error was made in the consultation, or it was rushed, or enough time was not spent to properly discuss a suitable design. I will keep you guys up to date on what's happening.
  13. No it isn't. Like I said, it's a highly recommended clinic on this forum (top 3 in the UK), hence the surprise. I have faith in this clinic to make it right, the surgeon's reputation & results are unquestionable so my priority now is to ensure I am prepared with the right information going forward
  14. Thanks for the feedback. It is not disrespectful and is exactly why I wanted to post here. Like I said, I would rather wait until after the procedure to name the clinic, however I am a little surprised as it is a top UK surgeon and one highly recommended by this forum. He did insist the hair line would be properly designed, measured & photographed out on the day. I will contact them to express doubt over the design in the photographs and see if something can be arranged before my procedure so that I can get feedback once more. I was on min twice daily & fin every day when I had the consultation. It is only in the last month I noticed sides. I wanted to clear it out of my system before re-starting with a lower dosage. I have no intention of stopping fin and will continue to experiment with dosage until I find the right balance. The consultation was normal and similar to all the consultations I've seen on YT & forums (apart from the drawing, clearly). He was initially relucant given my age and level of loss, and stressed the importance of trying medication first, which I had been doing. He asked what my ideal outcome was, to which I mentioned improving my hairline and crown. He strongly advised against the latter given my stage of loss and potential for further loss and likely hood of minimal improvement with a filling the gaps approach. He asked about my family history, luckily we don't have complete baldness, just further thinning & recession of the temples and crown. He suggested a less amount of hairs for the hairline, saying 900/1000 grafts would achieve a fantastic result, however increasing this to 1000/1200 for further density was an option too. I am aware my particular case at this moment in time is relatively minor compared to a lot which you see, this is purely a cosmetical improvement decision to get on the front foot in regards to my loss and naturally high hairline whilst I am still fairly young. Similar to some of these recent 'influencer' people: Alex Beattie, Dom Lever & Mike Thurston.