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  1. Hi all, I've been considering a HT for a few years now but I think the time has really come for me to take the plunge and go ahead with it as my hairline is deteriorating quite fast. I am 36 year old male currently living in Singapore. I'd say I'm a Norwood 3 where my hairline has thinned out a lot and have also noticed a lot of thinning in the crown area (see photos below). I have quite thick hair on the sides and back so I think I am a good candidate for a HT. I currently apply Minoxidil once a day and microneedle once a week. I'm avoiding taking propecia as we are trying for a baby and don't want to risk any health complications from this medication. I did have a consultation with Motion clinic from South Korea a few months back and they advised I would need approx 2,400 - 2,600 grafts in the frontal area and 500 in the crown. Would this be a reasonable assessment of my requirements based on photos below? The reason I asked Motion clinic for a consultation was because I watch a lot of Youtube videos posted on the Hairliciously channel and he highly recommends this clinic as he has had great results. But when conducting independent research I can't find any reviews for this clinic which I guess is a red flag. Does anyone in this forum have any experience with Motion clinic? My budget is around USD $15k and would be willing to travel (when we are allowed to) to almost anywhere as long as it's a reputable doctor with a history of good results. With this budget in mind should I consider doctors in places such as US, Canada and Australia or should I only be considering lower cost options? Does anyone know of any good doctors in Singapore or surrounding countries? (sorry, i know there are quite a few questions in the post but I'm new to this forum and would really appreciate guidance from folks that more experienced than myself)