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  1. Yes, I knew when he said he gets 100% growth that he was lying, because no doctor gets 100%. And to suggest it was true also of Body Hair is absurd. Thanks for the warning about doing something I might regret. Another problem with this dr is I can find no info on him, no reviews on the internet, so I have absolutely no way to judge his competence. But this interruption in my plans (and now I'm hearing that most countries have already decided to remain closed through the rest of 2020, as if this were being centrally planned and dictated to them) does have me thinking that maybe I should ju
  2. Interesting as I specifically recall reading, in one of Dr. Umar's papers, that he had a low survival rate with back hairs and said that they should not be used. Another doctor in India told me that the back is not preferred because it scars badly.
  3. Mine grows long too! Maybe we are lucky. But I've read that, with those short anagen phases, body hair doesn't have a chance to grow long before it falls out. In most people. Anyway, with the issues about different texture, curliness, etc. of body hair, keeping them short in the occipital zone would minimize the discrepancy between them and the normal scalp hairs for better aesthetic results. But as I mentioned, there are still many potential problems with doing this.
  4. Because I've been stranded since early in the year in a small Asian country, I consulted with the only HT doctor in town. He told me that he gets 100% growth, even from body hair. He said he has done 50 BHT cases. I find this hard to believe since no natives in this country have upper body hair, they're all smooth skinned. I'm actually considering him. This is the desperation I've been driven to because the border is closed, quarantines if you can manage to travel anywhere, lack of flights and all the rest of this catastrophic overreaction to a microbe that 99.8% of people survive easily
  5. But didn't you just say in an earlier post that "The hair from the thighs, arms, etc have impossible chances of survival on the scalp." How do you explain this singer's good growth with his arm and leg hair?
  6. Well, I sure can't see that short anagen and long telogen phase on my chest and stomach hair. I'm constantly clipping them and if I didn't they'd easily grow 4 inches or longer.
  7. I was thinking about this idea before I read about it here. Because body hair doesn't grow as long as scalp hair, it can easily cover in the back of the head where hair is usually kept short, and the longer native scalp hairs can be put to use on top where their length really makes a difference. The only question is what percent of, say, chest or abdomen hair will survive? Most info I've read says maybe 50 to 60% will survive. But I wonder if that's highly variable depending on the technique used and the skill of the surgeon, and that percentage can improve in the right hands. Also,
  8. I too am very curious to hear about your results with abdominal hair, krx. When was your surgery? How long did it take for the hairs to start growing? Can you guess what percent of grafts survived? Can you tell us who did the surgery? Do you have any before/after pics? Any visible scarring? What type of punch did doctor use for the abdomen? Thanks.
  9. Very promising results. Aririk, can you estimate what percentage of the thigh hairs used to soften the hairline have started to grow? Also the groin hairs (you mean pubic?) Eugenix is always saying that body hairs other than beard have a low survival rate.
  10. thanks gillenator. I am more concerned about the recipient area, my hairline area where I want to add density. I don't mind transecting a few chest and abdomen hairs, since I have plenty of them, but don't want to damage the existing hairline area hair when attempting to add density. So my question was more about repeatedly poking the recipient area with the anesthetic needle over several sessions on consecutive days. Is that needle very fine or thick? Also worried about the beard area where the hair is pretty dense. Can they inject the anesthesia between the follicles so as to not damage
  11. In the case of a clinic like Eugenix, they apparently have four different clinics in different cities. It is doubtful that a surgery performed at the Mumbai clinic would be overseen by the top doctors Sethi and Bansal, since they are far away in the Gurgaon clinic. If I were to choose Eugenix, I would certainly go to the Gurgaon clinic.
  12. Thanks for the replies. BeHappy, yes, that was my experience, too. I'm glad it's better now. I just wonder if the grafts, if some have already been inserted into the recipient area, are firmly enough in there that they won't fall out when I go to the bathroom. And I hope I don't feel faint from loss of blood and maybe fall down!
  13. Okay, this sounds trivial but it isn't. Surgeries can last 9 hours, especially if you're doing body hair. I would undoubtedly have to urinate a few times during the 9 hours. Is this a problem? I remember my first surgery, this was about 35 years ago. I had to go and the doctor acted like this was a major problem. He tried to dissuade me. He finally put a protective bandage over my head and I went to the bathroom. How do doctors deal with this issue today?
  14. Thanks for the reply Paddy. Well, but this illustrates my point. Your surgery was done by Drs. Bansal and Sethi, who are the well-known and highly regarded HT doctors. And the anesthetic was injected by their associate doctor. I think I saw a page on their website where it said that the price for Sethi and Bansal is higher than the price for their associates. Don't have time to look for it just now... Is it usual that more than one surgeon works on you? I agree it's better to pay more for the best doctors. But I am just wondering what you can expect if you use their cheaper associat
  15. Thanks for the replies. If we are talking about body hair, which is not as dense as scalp donor hair, I guess it would be easy to visually insert the anesthetic needle where there are gaps between hairs. But on the beard donor area, which is pretty dense, I wonder how they can do that without transecting follicles. Then if you are adding density to an existing transplanted hairline, and doing it over several sessions on consecutive days, I am a bit concerned about poking the same area over and over again each session. Also if one reason for the injections is to limit the bleedin
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