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  1. Btw, what sort of density are we actually talking about? And what density is required to create the illusion of sufficient coverage? My expectations are not 70/80 follicular units per square centimetre, I am expecting around 40-50 maybe.
  2. I do understand this. I might have high expectations, but I am also realistic about it, I know that I won´t have a dense head of hair post surgery. In my case I will have to decide, am I happy with the thin looking, short head of hair I have now, or can I somehow get an improvement, that might require me to have my hair longer and still have some thin patches in between, but which I might be able to cover up with longer hair.
  3. I already did, just want to get some second opinions
  4. Do you think the results would have been better with a FUT procedure (especially on the crown)?
  5. What do you guys think? I´d go for only one FUT and try and get as many grafts out of the area, I was told up to 5000 - 5200+ would be possible. That would leave a small amount for FUE touch up, e.g. on the scar in later years.
  6. Those are best case scenarios. Again, no two people are the same, just because one person can get 8,000+ grafts, doesn't mean you will. Your donor looks okay, not good or great. I don't see you getting more than 5K grafts via FUE without it starting to look motheaten. I didn´t mean 8000+ grafts, there are plenty of videos that show men who are almost bald, then get one FUE with 4000 - 5000 grafts and have a full head of hair one year later.
  7. No problem, I prefer a straight answer. What I meant, is: surely there would be some kind of improvement to my current situation with only one FUE surgery? But you are probably right, what would be the point in having some half-baked situation.. I was told that with one FUT of 5000+ grafts I could get good coverage, but in that case I would need to have the hair longer on the side and on the back to cover the scar.
  8. Also I have seen larger FUEs with good results, you see plenty in forums and on youtube, where men were almost bald and after that they had almost full coverage on their top head and the donor area still looked ok.
  9. Thanks for your answer so far. I was hoping to get more density on the whole top head (including crown), ideally with only one operation/procedure. So in your opinion this would only be possible with FUT?
  10. Hello everyone, Below are some pictures of my situation (pictures are taking at different times of day over a period of a few weeks -> different hair length): I basically want to have more hair density on top of my head. Background: - 42 years old - Blond, fine hair - Hair loss started about 12-15 years ago - I have slow but constant hair loss (over last 12-15 years) - I used to take Finasterid, but stopped it about 3 years ago - I still take Regain/Rogaine (Minoxidil) - No previous hair transplantation - My father has a full head of hair So my questions are: - Ho
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