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  1. If i buzz cut would it look worse since my hair is very thin. Also side question, i just started microneedling wanted to know if thats harmful for the future of having HT?
  2. Hey, i have never shaved my head, dont knlw how ill look so never tried it. Also i been on minox for about 9months and laser around same but very inconsistent. Ill do my homework as much as i can really appreciate all the help coming, does hate this feeling but have to deal with it
  3. Guys thanks for all the inputs, im located in canada and yes i do want to do more research before moving forward. Im in canada so hopefully i can get done at HW or rahal. As for topical fin, even that gave me sides so had to stop and minox hasnt done much improvement. I just started dermapen so lets see Lastly tho does it look like diffuse or just MPB? Anything i can do to slow my thinning without fin? My sides slightly thinner but the back is decent, anymore suggest of surgeons or any other tips would be super apprecisted
  4. Hello,im 30 years of age and have been losing aggressively from the last 3 years I tried fin but got bad side effects so stopped but using minoxidil and nizol shampoo also the helmet laser( Not consistent) People have told me im a diffuser and that i might not be eligible for ht. I wanted to do my ht in 2 sections, front first then later in life the crown Please give me ur input as if im a good candiate or not, thanks
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