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  1. Hello everyone! 22 male here. I just found out i have a pretty rare skin condition called Cutis Verticis Gyrata (CVG). Since there is very limited information about this condition online, i will be making a support group where everyone with the condition can discuss feelings, progression, information, and all that stuff, so we can help eachother out with first hand information. I will be making the group on snapchat. If you want in, drop a comment here with your username, or send me a private message and i will add you. For future readers; I will check my inbox often
  2. 22M here. Just found out i have CVG, and experiencing thinning aswell. My hair rapidly fell out within the course of 4 months. I had zero balding before that. I really want to hear from all the people in this thread how your CVG has turned out years later. Is it the same, or worse? Please, please, please. If you have CVG and see this message, respond! Also, i am happy to take all advice i can get for CVG and the hair loss that comes with it. It would be really nice to start a chat group or find someone to talk to about CVG that also have it. Please send me a message and i will r
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