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  1. I ended up going with her. You are probably right in that once done if no problem then people just get on with their life and don't post. I did it one month ago and haven't visited any hair loss site since then. I just got an alert about the post to this thread on email, hence my reply. I find Dr.Zioga excellent, reassuring and very professional. The procedure takes a long time but is very low pain. You do need to follow the post procedures so make sure you read these before doing the procedure. They are easy to follow but may impact your lifestyle, for example you have to spray your hair every 30 minutes for the first week etc. The donor areas also look a bit bruised, so I would say while you could go back to work the next day, if you have one week off it will be alot easier, and you can get away with telling everyone you just had a marine haircut! As for results. It's too early to say. I have a significant amount of small hair in the areas that were completely hairless. The donor areas have all healed and now looks normal. I did the unshaven technique, but the donor areas still get shaved to a 0. I am optimistic and quite excited how it will turn out. Feel free to post or PM if you have any questions. Or ask me again in a few months when I can better rate the results.
  2. Thank you. I'll check them out. I don't want to go to India, but Portugal is fine, I'll research them. I had only researched the UK and Ireland options and had started with HRBR as they seemed to have alot of celebrity clients. Then it seemed that Dr Reddy and Dr Zioga were the main two that do DHI/mFue which is what got my attention. I believe they both used to work at the same clinic.
  3. So I've been debating about a hair transplant for quite some time, and visited quite a few doctors including Dr. Reddy. I was most impressed with Dr. Zioga and was just ready to go ahead. But I've just found this site today, and she is barely mentioned and not in the recommended list - although reading the small print the recommended list appears to be sponsored by the surgeons. Please let me know if you have any experience thanks in advance