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  1. Here's my hair transplant testimonial from China. I had 4 transplant procedures, my very first being in the early 80's . My hairline was so bad (even after the fourth procedure that it was frequently difficult to carry on a conversation owing to the fact that the person I was talking to kept staring at my hairline. I was a living, breathing freak show. I did my research and found out about Dr. Tejinder Bhatti in India through this forum and some others. He has an excellent reputation among the experts in the field of hair restoration and so I went to his office to have my fifth procedure done almost exactly one year ago. Please see the before/after pictures below. They have been taken at 3, 4, 5 months down the line & at one year after. I don't know how to upload videos here so the clinic has made one for me. I will get the link from them soon. Let me tell you about this guy. He is the real deal. The clinic is run very professionally. In 2 of my 4 previous procedures it was an assembly line. There were I think 4 other patients being worked on at the same time I was. But Dr. Bhatti spent an entire day totally dedicated to my hair transplant procedure. Around 2400 head and 500 beard grafts were used per my pictures which am uploading. I will get the exact breakup for you soon. There is no waiting around to be seen and the staff are extremely helpful and friendly. Dr. Bhatti also has a driver who met me at the airport and drove me to the clinic at an extremely reasonable rate. Dr. Bhatti is not only a very skillful surgeon (as you can see from the pics below) but has also become a good friend of mine. If you are thinking of having a hair transplant procedure contact Dr. Bhatti. You will not be disappointed. If you have any questions, do ask!