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  1. Hi all, Is it possible to predict the final result of the SMP through computer images? I would be more confident if I know what the final result will look like. Thanks
  2. I started to notice the alopecia retrogade 1 year ago, but I've been bald for 20 years. I have never seen hair so degraded as mine.
  3. Topical minoxidil is useful for my retrograde alopecia?
  4. Which is the best clinic in Europe for this kind of job? They provide remote consultation? Thanks
  5. I always shave my hair, but degradation on the back is visible even if it is very short. What is the cause for this degradation? Should I go to fin? My goal is to minimize such a high level of baldness. Recovering the back and if possible put some hair on the head. I don't want a head full of hair, I'm bald since a very young age. Maybe some very similar with this pic from Bruce Willis:
  6. I don't want to have an head full of hair. Having some hairs on top and repair back is ok for me.
  7. The sides are also dropping. I have a lot of beard and some hair on my body.
  8. I never took medication. Not being a viable candidate for HT, at least keep what I have.
  9. Hi all, I never had an hair transplant. I'm losing hair on back of my head, under the nape. It is depressing and frustrating. I feel like a Norwood 8 or even 9. In addition to being totally bald, I'm losing the hair I still had. Anything I can do to prevent this? Thanks
  10. Hi, Which company / clinic is the leader regarding hair systems? Thanks
  11. Hi, I'm totally available to talk with you. During covid time we can use Skype or Zoom.
  12. Dear all, Thank you very much for your very honest opinions. It is very clear now that I am not a candidate for HT. I’ll use that money for a trip to some amazing place (after this tremendous crisis). If I may, I would like to clarify 3 doubts: - Beard to head is an option? - SMP is temporary? If so, for how long? - Is there any way to fix or mitigate the retrograde alopecia? What is the root cause for retrograde alopecia? Thanks in advance.
  13. Hello, This is my first post ever on any internet forum. I started losing hair at a very young age (20 years). At 30 I was already bald. My dad is too, my brother also. I have always lived with it very well - I never have looked for any type of solution, except for some ineffective pharmacy products. Now that I'm 40 (I think being 40 changed my mindset) I would like to know if there are any miracle that can be applied to my case. I usually shave my hair but in this period of COVID-19 I let it grow a little. In addition to having a large level of baldness, I noticed that on the back of the head, there seems to be a much weaker area (from middle to bottom). Is there anything I can do to get hair back? or Is there anything I can do to keep the “little” hair i have today and mitigate the weak hair I appear to have? or Should I forget this topic and think about staying as I am? Finally, congratulations for this forum. Thanks
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