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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys. I prefer to go FUE because I want to be able to buzz the back of my head in the future after the procedure, but I would be open to FUT if the doctor thinks it would give me better results.
  2. I am 33 and have never taken any meds for hair loss. I have been looking into Dr Woong and Dr Diep. Any feedback on those two doctors? Im just worried with my hair so thin that I might not get a full look Im looking for. Anyone know of any other threads with fine hair like mine?
  3. Hello everyone. I have decided to make the plunge into getting a hair transplant. I have fine/thin blonde hair and am looking for the best possible doctor to do this procedure. Cost or distance isn’t an issue, I am located in Florida but would be willing to travel to find the best doctor for this procedure. I’m also curious if guys think I can have a good outcome with my fine/thin hair? here are some pics. thanks in advance!
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