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  1. These responses are a little off topic, but I appreciate you both communicating your issues with the reps. I’ve been working with Tara and she’s been very pleasant
  2. I had a surgery in Michigan (terrible decision), which now requires a corrective surgery. I‘ve been debating between Dr. Hasson and Dr. Rahal for a corrective FUT surgery of 3500 grafts. I had a great consultation with his team but I‘ve read some mixed reviews of Rahal‘s results lately which makes me feel a little uneasy about moving forward with him. I‘ve searched the forums and other places thoroughly and I mostly see very impressive results, but I’m wondering if I should be concerned about moving forward with him as my choice. Have many of his patients required second surgeries to correct the first or are patients of his generally satisfied with one procedure of his? How is he when it comes to correcting other surgeons work? thanks