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  1. As you guys have mentioned in your responses above, i have been taking the time to consult with other doctors and have been browsing the forum for patient reviews that are similar to my hairloss. I have been discussing with Dr. Konior via email frequently. He stated that the pictures i have provided him with i have an intermediate phase miniaturization in what will inevitably become a class 5 or 6 pattern and has mentioned by donor area is average. He recommended 2000 grafts to restore the frontal and midscalp section. I have also consulted with Eugenix. Very pleased with the work they have been putting out. A lot of the patients have hair loss that is similar to mine. I have a video consultation with Dr.Arika this week. But i have been recommended over email that i will need 3500-4000 grafts to restore the frontal and scalp zone. They said the crown can be treated with medication. Tough decision to make here. Both Konior and Eugenix are highly recommended on the forum and have been putting out great results. Eugenix is far more cheaper but i don't want to make a decision because of price. Which clinic/dr would you guys go with taking my hairloss into consideration.
  2. Hey everyone - been researching these forums for about a year now and finally decided to create my own thread as i need some guidance on how i should proceed with my hairloss. I recently just turned 26, but started noticing by hair-loss at the age of 20. For my age i have lost a lot of hair. I would say im Norwood 5/6 and appear to have an intermediate frontal recession pattern. I do believe i would be an ideal candidate for HT. I reside and in Chicago, and have just emailed Dr.Konior to get his thoughts. I had a consultation with Dr. Nadimi but want to get other doctors opinions as well. I would prefer to go with FUE since i fade out the back and side of my hair when i get a haircut. I did take finasteride for about 2-3 months stopped because i was experiencing side effects. Since i have lost a significant amount of hair at such a young age, would it be smart to pursue a HT now or wait? I've read that its not smart to get a HT at a young age. Also based off the pictures attached, how many grafts do you guys think i will need to restore my frontal area. Also looking at my case, any particular doctors other than Konior and Nadimi i should be talking to? For me money is not an issue.