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  1. It's after the shampoo? What other hairstyles can show the weaknesses of a hair trasplant? I confess that I'd like to get a similar haircut, but in my case perhaps it would be possible to do it
  2. Hello to everyone, I'm looking for a new hairstyle that suits my norwood 3a baldness. Now I comb forward my hair, but the problem is that they don't stay on my frontline even with a strong hairspray, which I apply after I blow dry my hair: they come down on the sides giving a very ugly effect, not to mention in windy situations. What hairstyle could I rock not to appear balding? Thank you!
  3. Nice result, if the photos don't deceive me I think you can style your hair up right now, you don't appear balding. With the touch up you will be perfect
  4. Looks like a solid work. I'm also planning my first - and I hope the last - HT and I'm considering this surgeon, even if I'd like to see other reports
  5. Update in the day light. I hate so much my hairstyle, however it's the only one I can get besides buzzcut due to the baldness in the front area What do you think about my mid?
  6. Thanks, this is exactly what I want to hear! Hope also other people can share their experience
  7. I'm experiencing some brain fog together with blurred vision and I think that it's due to incorrect sleep - I wake up a lot of times - and seasonal changes, my cousin who doesn't take finasteride or other medications feels the same.
  8. I experienced side effects - liquid semen and testicular pain for two days - in the first month, then they went away. Currently, after two years, perhaps I'm experiencing again testicular pain, but I have to assess if it's due to finasteride or other problems. Erectile Dysfunction is a common side effect, however yours could be a psychological side, it seems to me that you got it too quickly.
  9. Are there some long term finasteride users on this forum? If so, can you tell me how your hair loss evolved during years? Would you think you would have been bald without? Thank you!
  10. Yes, but I look bad shaved... If needed I think I'll go with an hair system
  11. Thanks for your experience! Where do you buy your hair system? How much time a single hair system lasts?
  12. Hello to everyone, I see hair systems as the ultimate choice for people who are dealing with MPB, if their situation is too compromised for an hair traslpant or medical treatment doesn't work/gives side effects I'd like to know some informations about them. Excuse me if some questions are stupid: 1)How much they costs in six months? 2)How long can you keep them on your head without reapply them? 3)Can you wash your hair system during a shower? 4)Can you go to the beach/swimming pool with them? 5)If someone runs their hand through your hair, can they notice it's an hair system? 6)Can you DIY by the first application without going to a salon? 7)When hairs on the sides grow, do you go to a barber with you hair system on? 8)How do you deal with the idea that hair systems are not your real hair? 9)If someone pulls your hairs strongly, does it rip off? 10)Do you tell people/girl that you wear an hair system? 11)Would you prefer an hair trasplant if you could get it? Thanks!
  13. Hi. How long have you been on Dutasteride? I had watery semen in my first month of Finasteride, then it went away. It could be the same. However, I agree with @longjonsilver: long term side effect of Dutasteride aren't know. Please talk to a dermatologist
  14. Thanks for the suggestion, it would be ideal for my situation but I think I couldn't cope now with a buzz cut 100% same situation so Update: In May I'll have a consult on Skype with Dr.Lupanzula
  15. I think that only us who are "obsessed" with hair can have something to say. If a normal person or a girl thinks that we don't have hair loss, we won.
  16. Your shed lasted eight months, didn't it? I'm at four months now I live in Italy and there aren't good surgeons, but after lockdown I'll go to a dermatologist to understand if it's a finasteride shedding, telogen effluvium or hair loss. The one I went to said I was a Norwood 3A. I never took photos to the upper part of my scalp before last month because I thought there were no problems, so I can't say that before I couldn't see my head... I hope it's normal, however with clean hair I can see nothing. Thanks for the tip I think that I'll insert dutasteride only if hair got patently worse, after blood and semen analysis
  17. Even if it's only an illusion of density the results are still awesome in my opinion. Do someone who is not in hair loss things notice something?
  18. Thanks @TorontoMan. Now i'm in a not so bad situation, but my fear is that my hair loss goes on even if on Finasteride. I saw some pics of me years old ago shaved, before medications, and I looked like I had a diffuse thinning on the top of my scalp. However, my doctor told me I was NW 3A. Now I see again thinning on the scalp with wet hair, I hope it's due to shedding and not to hair loss I'm looking for a top surgeon to contain the risk of a bad result, which would be a waste of grafts that I cannot afford
  19. Thanks to everyone. @LordBaldwin I agree with you: if hair loss doesn't allow you to enjoy your youth, hair trasplant is a valid choiche even in the 20s. Nobody will give you back these years.
  20. Thanks for the answers, they help me a lot. A doctor told me that effluvium/hair shedding in presence of hair loss worsens incredibly the situation. In the last two months my hairs got worse quickly, as I've seen in the photos I took. Can't wait for the end of this. For surgery, I'm considering only top doctors, I think everyone has to do it in this sector. @Fluffhead did you progress on the norwood scale despite finasteride during these years? I attached three photos of my frontal line: the first was taken in December, when the shed began, the second in February, the last yesterday.
  21. Hello to everyone, I'm new to this forum and I want to introduce myself. I hope the section is correct. I'm a 24 old guy who has suffered from hair loss since he was 17. For years I did nothing to fight against hairloss, because I wasn't aware of treatments, and so I gradually became NW2, then NW3 and NW3A, time where I had to shave my entire head to look fine. In April 2018, mentally exasperated from alopecia, I became aware of medications: so I went to my dermatologist who prescribed me Finasteride 1mg daily and Minoxidil 5% to treat my NW3A alopecia: in less than six months I had great results, regaining a lot of miniaturized hair. I was very happy, but after one year of therapy I began to lose all the benefits, and now - another year later - I think I'm at the starting situation. I don't know if Finasteride stopped working or if there are other reasons, because I suffer also from severe anxiety and depression which probabily gave me an effluvium in the last three months - I lose hundreds of hairs daily, after a shampoo last week I counted more than five hundred hairs fallen in my washbasin. I must confess you that my hair situation worries me a lot: I'm obsessed by hair loss and by the thought I might get bald one day. I cannot stand my actual situation, if I get bald I think I will not live anymore. I'd like to get an hair trasplant because, like I said earlier, I can't stand my situation anymore. I'd like to have a FUE because I want to buzz my hair on the side, but I don't know if this is a wise choice if I'm intended to lose my hair on mid and vertex. I had virtual consults with Lupanzula and De Freitas, who told me I need around 2500-2600 grafts to rebuild my hairline. Pekiner suggested me to wait because I'm young. My father didn't suffer from hairloss, while his brother and his dad are NW4; it seems that I look like my maternal grandfather, who probably had my hairloss pattern: NW3A when he was young, always NW3A or maximum 4A when he was forty years old. I have to find other pictures of when he was sixty to have an idea of what my alopecia will probably be. I'll put as soon as photos of my journey with hair loss. I wish an happy easter to everyone who read my words. Thanks. BEFORE FINASTERIDE AND MINOXIDIL https://ibb.co/RvVLTwz https://ibb.co/8cdCpVB https://ibb.co/JttpqY3 https://ibb.co/NZ2hMk1 https://ibb.co/R9pynhJ https://ibb.co/FHjG8hW https://ibb.co/D7sHfgt https://ibb.co/N6Q2Brw https://ibb.co/8DGtbyN https://ibb.co/qdGwrv5 AFTER THREE MONTHS OF TREATMENT https://ibb.co/LrhWmCt https://ibb.co/Stwnbff AFTER EIGHT MONTHS OF TREATMENT https://ibb.co/8NfFYFR https://ibb.co/74RCt0P https://ibb.co/hV9Qz8q https://ibb.co/FhCckh1 https://ibb.co/K0s32Gp https://ibb.co/V3pL9Vh https://ibb.co/5vTqJxc https://ibb.co/LRCSkTR https://ibb.co/YyrKQC3 AFTER ONE YEAR OF TREATMENT https://ibb.co/SVGQbv3 https://ibb.co/ZmBhhyJ https://ibb.co/PWV6tf7 https://ibb.co/dPpfDGQ https://ibb.co/ZXkZSSg https://ibb.co/9h9Bv5Y AFTER ONE YEAR AND FIVE MONTHS https://ibb.co/xqHyddg https://ibb.co/T2PrZJW https://ibb.co/0DdqNmv https://ibb.co/rbvYZLq https://ibb.co/n0G85M9 https://ibb.co/KVQSx93 https://ibb.co/HNB0gjF https://ibb.co/D9Jzs9t https://ibb.co/gdFKD8v https://ibb.co/2Y4GtTw https://ibb.co/nfkB9s4 https://ibb.co/2s4wMj4 https://ibb.co/bmpdKVq AFTER ONE YEAR AND EIGHT MONTHS https://ibb.co/MhF5xJF https://ibb.co/2cNqM2s https://ibb.co/zxkZBZz https://ibb.co/rmthf3T https://ibb.co/mJb3wyB https://ibb.co/HYL8k2q https://ibb.co/XjT3Lbt https://ibb.co/QdRJmm9 https://ibb.co/CnWK7m2 https://ibb.co/Jx2LGFZ AFTER ONE YEAR AND TEN MONTHS https://ibb.co/jb4jJwS https://ibb.co/s62PZwV https://ibb.co/zmrRMjT https://ibb.co/BV76R8w https://ibb.co/qsz5kj1 https://ibb.co/f26fhq5 https://ibb.co/T2DH08D https://ibb.co/Qf6wxwC AFTER ONE YEAR AND ELEVEN MONTHS https://ibb.co/thjvGk8 https://ibb.co/bjVKRss https://ibb.co/GHKt90Y https://ibb.co/frgfXxY https://ibb.co/9scg4G4 https://ibb.co/Fw1xc8q https://ibb.co/3yhgLy2 https://ibb.co/2MD6DGB https://ibb.co/BCJGNfF https://ibb.co/Wz7PCBJ https://ibb.co/FqqN07y https://ibb.co/4mPBJ3h https://ibb.co/Xj8dGPP https://ibb.co/Lgr7h8j