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  1. I am based in NYC. Considering getting the procedure done without drugs. Would consider other doctors globally as well. I have an outstanding donor supply on nape, beard and body, but I will not take the above mentioned drugs ever again, due to adverse side effects. Thanks in advance!
  2. You can see in the photo below, that when the sides and back are buzzed down, the baldness at the crown is fairly minimal. My preference would be to have a full head of hair. Anyone have any input on this?
  3. I have not tried dermarolling. It seems like from the lack of responses other than Kramer's two sentences, the HT's without using drugs to maintain and stabilize the male pattern baldness seems like a total wash and waste of time. I'm probably just going to buzz down the sides and back to a #1 again. The bald crown, looks pretty minimal when the sides and back are buzzed down all the way, and I leave the hair on top very short. I can get by with it. It doesn't look terrible, outside of a bit of criticism here and there from young women and probably young people in general,, with a few exceptions to people who clearly have a problem with balding men like myself. There are worse things, unless someone here can prove me otherwise. I feel like I've tried everything without sharing my experience in more detail
  4. Hello in 2012 I consulted a hair loss/hair transplant surgeon Doctor in New York City, whom after a $350 five minute consultation told me I was in the initial stages of male pattern baldness. He immediately prescribed me finasteride and told me to start Rogaine as well. I however suffered severe side effects from both drugs. The minoxidil caused a massive shed within the first few months, which made me morbidly depressed. I continued to take it for 6 months, but the hair it shed, never grew back and I went from a norwood 2 at worst to a norwood 4 in a span of 6 months. It also caused heart palpitations and chest pains. I ended up discontinuing it. The finasteride caused sexual side effects and depression and I discontinued it after 1 month. Upon returning to the hair transplant doctor, he immediately told me hair transplantation was a bad idea without the use of the drugs to stabilize the male pattern baldness. I put that off for 4 years and revisited it in 2016 with another hair transplant surgeon. This surgeon also said he would not perform the procedure unless I was stabilized on his 'cutting edge' finasteride topical solution fortified with minoxidil. He claimed it wouldn't have the same side effects and I bought it. Lone behold after 2 weeks of taking it, the same side effects returned. As a result I did not end up eventually getting the procedure. Now in 2020 I am considering my options of getting hair transplant, seeing as my hairline has been pretty much the same over the last 6-7 years. I am bald at the crown and bald at the temples. The middle part remains intact. I can just keep the sides and back short/buzzed to a #1, and it doesn't look awful, but I always wondered what it would be like to get the full head of hair back that I had before I hit my mid 20's. Has anyone had a successful procedure done without the use of drugs? My donor supply is outstanding. I have an extremely hairy body and face. The nape is full as well. (lots of hair everywhere except for the top of my scalp) How is the efficacy of FUE without Fin and minox. I will not be getting strip surgery due to severe scarring. Please tell. You're help would be greatly appreciated!