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  1. Congrats on the procedure! Looks really good and brings back memories of my day with Dr Alexander 6 months ago. The next two months are the hardest, but focus on the light at the end of the tunnel. You look like you have strong donor hair. Happy growing!
  2. You see my worries very well. I realized after the surgery how bad my donor area is. There is absolutely thinning in the back and there weren't a lot of non-single grafts on the first surgery. I've considered going the SMP route after assessing where I'm at in a year or two. I do have a good head shape and a quality SMP place where I live.
  3. Thank you aaron1234! I'm working my way onto medication for anxiety and then I'll start back on fin. What have you learned/heard about stabilization of hair loss? I kept my head shaved for so long I am unsure if I'm still losing. I assume I am still, but I was surprised at how much hair was left on top once it grew out again.
  4. Five months in. Good progress in the last month as it is thickening up and growing longer. I haven't cut the top in two months now. The back and sides are cut at a 2.5 guard. I can still see the scar in photos with bathroom light on, but in normal light it's almost undetectable. Still doing Rogaine and off finasteride for now. We'll see how things go for the next month, but I think I'll want one more surgery to add a bit to the temples and front and to fill in the crown.
  5. The donor scar has really faded in the last month. That haircut is at a three. I might try a two again and see how it goes on next month's cut. I've started dating again and the confidence boost of having hair is fantastic.
  6. Happy growing! It looks like they did a good job of dispersing the grafts and covering the front third. Will you post the donor area update?
  7. Hope things goes perfectly with your procedure. Are you going to post your results?
  8. 120 days. Updates of note: Had to stop finasteride for a while. Anxiety and panic started about 30 days after starting it and I held on for as long as I could. There are a ton of other factors that could be causing the anxiety - had a breakup at the end of February, been quarantined since March, selling my house. So I'm going off for 30 days and then will start back up I'm still microneedling the sides, back, and crown weekly at 1.5mm I don't see much new hair sprouting any more. I'm hoping more pops up and that the front third thickens up a bit more, but I'm happy so far
  9. Thanks @squarepatch...I've found a good place for SMP where I live and will probably go that route after I'm done having surgeries. At this point, the hair is coming in nicely and I'm hopeful to achieve a satisfactory density. The good thing about a short haircut on the sides is that it gives uniform scalp exposure all the way around and, to me, looks more balanced. Things I'm pleased about at this point: The crown is growing in way better than what I expected. Microneedling+Fin+Min seem to be working a bit Framing of my face...it makes a huge difference Getting to
  10. 90 days...since I'm working from home during quarantine, I got my hair cut short on the sides and back. I wanted to see the scar and how short I could get away with...only to realize not a 2.
  11. I'd ask your doctor. Mine recommended starting after day 7
  12. I'd give yourself a lot of wiggle room as people have different reactions in both the donor and recipient. You need to plan at least two weeks to get the scabs and peeling to be gone from the recipient and then the redness will persist for months. For the donor, you need to anticipate how long it will take to grow back and then shock loss is a real possibility.
  13. Agreed - I changed to the foam and it is substantially less oily.
  14. Do you have pictures of your hair grown out more? If the hair is thin in the donor area, you may have a difficult time covering scars sufficiently from any procedures.
  15. The scabbing wasn't terrible, but on the front left thick enough that I didn't dare scrub them after seven days. Here is the day after surgery:
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