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  1. I hope I dont suffer any shock loss. I brought it up to the surgeon in the phone consultation and all he said was "theres not much to lose". Ill bring it up again on surgery day.
  2. I'm 29 turning 30 in a few months. Yesterday marked the first day I started taking topical fin and min. In two months, scheduled for transplant for 2000 grafts. I never thought my hair was this bad until i moved to my new apartment about 3 months ago. The bright bathroom lights really exposed my hair loss after showers and made me freak out a bit. I really just want to reinforce my hairline. My forehead has always been big growing up.
  3. Trying to reinforce my hairline. Here are more pictures. Sorry, hair is kinda long and pics are blurry.
  4. Guys, will 2000 graphs be enough for the area i circled?
  5. How were your results with doctor Buchwach?
  6. Anyone with experience with this doctor? I'm scheduled with him in about two months and am nervous.