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  1. Most defenitly ! I feel the same way my donor the same as you know but hopefully does improve in the time to come .. oh you haven’t touched the transplanted hairs ?! It’s going look a ton better when it matches length of other hair
  2. It’ll blend in a lot more when the recipient hairs catch up to the other hair and after the hair cut to even it out .mind looked really off the other day but after I cut it all same length it made a lot of difference and I see what you mean but I think your right should see how those singles come out in front
  3. Defenitly an improvement , thanx for chimmin was really dis courage’s few weeks ago . The Growth is finally starting to kick off
  4. 13 week update . There’s been a lot growth since last week . In person the hairline looks more dense but the donor is still looking really ugly I even have some scabs still .. guard is 7 on top and 4/3 on sides/back @Tentpole91 done . There is that row appearance a little on mine
  5. Yesterday marked the 12th week post op ! And I’m starting to see hairs grow now !! I stopped cutting my hair down a couple weeks ago and am now going to start letting it grow out .. my donor in the light looks really noticeable still . Other than that not much to report just popping in to update . Guard on top is about a 7~
  6. Tomorrow marks 8 weeks and so far the recovery process has sucked and this ugly duckling phase of no hair has been a bummer . Nothing really to show because of the shedding . I keep buzzing my hair down to a 3 guard . I am very disappointed with my donor area and how extraction was done . Thought whole point of FUE was to be undetected .. this point of how donor looks I minus well have went with FUT . But yeah . Do you guys know when I can see some new hair in recipient area
  7. @Tentpole91 100% agree I have seen some people’s donor completely undetectable of any patches/scars after a month or so . Due to spreading them out . I also would have liked the same .
  8. Quick update day 23 I’ve shedded a lot this past week. I would say most my grafts have shed off . Just started taking finasteride 1mg daily.
  9. @Tentpole91 have any progress pics?? Eager see how it’s looking .
  10. DAY 14 I cut my hair today was looking really off How I had it . Donor healing good I hope it doesn’t look over harvested when healing is all done . I just started using minoxidil today as well .
  11. Yeah I wish I was consulated about the harvesting decision . At the moment I’m not happy about donor area compared to others but it’s still early to tell . Imo it does look over harvested but we’ll just have to wait and see . I would have like somethingDr Raghu Reddy does in is work with his teq.here is a day 11 donor 2 pics 1 with flash
  12. 7 days post op . Little to no scabbing and Still little sensitivity in donor area but other than that everything seems to be good. I just recieved my finasteride in mail today . Thinking making it in to a topical . Anyone have info on that ? I really don’t want to ingest it.