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  1. Melvin/HairlossPA, Thanks for the feedback. From the sound of it there would be ample donor hair for more than one transplant to buy me quite a few years. I will look into the beard hair as my beard is dense in the lower portions. The surgeon/transplant clinic stated 2000 to 2500 grafts as you had. Cost seemed in line as well.
  2. Hello All, I did a search on hairrestorationnetwork.com and didn't come up with a definitive on cost per graft for FUE transplantation? I would like to stay in the states for the transplant vs. flying somewhere out of the country. Beyond that I have attached some pictures of my current hair/hairloss. I've been told I am at the Norwood 3 classification, which I agree with. I have some thinning I believe in the mid scalp region (Vertex?), the crown besides having a cowlick in the center seems to not be loosing much hair. I am worried the back of my head (donor area?) will become noticeably thin after the hair follicles are removed for transplant? I also am nervous about what the future will bring and what to expect? Can body or facial hair be used as a filler, as I do have ample of both it seems? I am currently taking Finasteride/Propecia 1.25mg per day. I have been on it for say 6 years or more. I also use minoxidil foam twice a day all over my head, using more than I probably should (about 3/4 cap full twice a day). I also am using DS Laboratories shampoo. Not certain if that is of any good, or just another scam? Any shampoo recommendations I am open for as well. Any information or feedback from the experienced would be great!