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  1. Hey! Long time no update. This what we have at month 10. no fibers in haircut coming Friday. Will update after a fresh cut. hope everyone is safe and well💪🏻
  2. Thanks Melvin wouldn’t mind a trip to nyc. I’ll pay more for a reputable place. There is a global pandemic- until that vaccine is out and tested- I’m not going to turkey or Europe. I can drive to New York take about 4 hours or so.
  3. Hello brothers - here is a quick update. I need to find a reputable doc near or around Boston for a consultation. Any ideas ?
  4. It’s all good. It’s normal if you have shock loss. The surgery is a trauma to scalp. It will come back most likely. Normal to be hyperVigilant after cosmetic procedure.
  5. Thanks Bjorn and Kramer. All of you guys actually. Came close was only several days away from another procedure. incredibly grateful for the honest feedback. It’s a waiting game now to see what will come in. Dr. Told me 90% has come in and I should not expect much more density from where it is now. Will wait a year as he first suggested to see where I am. time to sit back, sprinkle some magic hair powder dust on my hairline, Rogain foam, chew finasteride like skittles and research. I will keep updating 👍🏻 Be well
  6. No didn't really need to use a lot of fiber- just a couple dabs- its crazy how well those things work.
  7. I canceled the appointment. I guess it’s that fiber life until I reschedule next surgery. this is with just a couple dabs of toppik hair fiber.
  8. I think it might help to see what it looks like now with full face picture. Takes into more into context I guess
  9. I had a chance to speak with DrTBarghouthi the other day and ask him for feedback. Grateful for his expert input and straightforward opinion. he took a look at my thread here and gave me his honest opinion. He would have suggested increase in grafts from the start ( over double at least for the hairline plan ) and would have designed the hairline differently ( to straight ) Noted a better result if I had gone with higher hairline. On the good side he thinks with an increase in density with another procedure it will look good. He thinks the donor area is improved, need to focus on
  10. My Barber is in agreement with you Melvin he says the donor area doesn’t seem that bad. I’ll keep updating! 7 months in. This is after woke up and put 5% minox in. Not surprisingly it makes a difference. After shower it looks better. doc did say at the start I would need a second procedure. I will post an update soon on what I’m thinking and what I’m going to do
  11. Transplantedphil thanks for that list of names. I am not sure I can post prices, I can say it’s good price.
  12. Side by side from first haircut to this current one. It’s a little longer at the back, this time
  13. Thanks for the honest feedback- this is such a great community. I have your backs too if you ever need the feedback. October 10th is the start of month 7. I just got a haircut with Barber. Here are the pics.
  14. Yes I think going with less would probably best. That’s probably what the doctor Magdelin was looking at and noticing. As he suggested 1000 more, and mentioned and additional procedure or two after that. HW suggested just FUE. HW mentioned I should expect improvement with next procedure- yet not enough coverage to avoid seeing scalp in bright light. So lower the expectations. I will have to think about what to do. I’m already scheduled for the 26 October to do a smaller 1000. His suggestion is in line with HW in that regard. I think the approach similar too blending an
  15. H & W consultation: 3k grafts would be ideal with my donor area 1500-2000 is all I have. They mentioned after this procedure my donor area will be minimum if not fully depleted. The style they described is similar to how dr. Magdelin described the next phase. the price to go to H&W is extremely high. Not realistic for me. I will bring up concerns of donor area to dr Magdelin. I will consult someone else too. Not sure what to do at this point.
  16. That’s brutal, clinics will do that. it’s probably a sad truth in the industry. I’m not convinced dr Magdelin would do this, your right Jay I wouldn’t be able to prove it either. Crazy world we live in. You would think doing a great job would give you a client for life. I think it’s worth getting a second opinion and setting up a consultation.
  17. Yeah and do you see too much scaring in the donor area? I think that’s what I’m bothered by the most now
  18. Hey brother, yes I notice the area where he took the grafts has significant patchy quality. I so appreciate your honest feedback your right it puts us at risk if it isn’t genuine feedback. You the man ! I am going to get second opinions from other surgeons. That’s the beauty of these forums, having eachothers backs ! Or scalps rather lol 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 Thank you for the wakeup call!
  19. thanks Michael will keep the updates coming 💪🏻Appreciate the feedback ! Hey john, appreciate any and all feedback not take it wrong at all. I have considered the team in Canada Hassan and Wong ? I think I got that right. yes there will be some maturation he showed some of the hairs still coming up ( grafts 3 hairs with one graft some of those still sprouting). he did mention that even after additional 1000 I might want to put another 500-700 in to help with blending. He noted that it will never be as dense as the other parts of scalp, that I could get at minimum d
  20. So I just finished my 6 month follow up appointment. He looked at the grafts, 90% has grown. There are still more hairs just coming up. Looking like 90%+ yield. He recommended 700-1000. More grafts he can get me in next month. Meaning shaved head again lol I would get double the current density so October 26th we would start again 🤪
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