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  1. Wanted to do a short post of a short research I did while looking for a doctor to do my FUE procedure. I have been only considering FUE because I only need about 1,700 graph and I do not want the linear scar. For me price/location is not an issue. As all of you I just want the best. Therefore I reached out to: H&W, Lupanzula, Konior, Bernstein, Lorenzo All of them were very easy to communicate with, normally within 24 hours. I understand technicians will be assisting doctors during the procedure, so I wanted to learn the actual involvement of the doctor vs. the technician. The
  2. Thanks for the responses and help. I understand the good results the clinic has followed the same process. I think I might be more comfortable with another top clinic where the doc is more hands on. Recently reached out to Bernstein Medical - they mentioned "All surgical aspects of the procedure are done by Dr. Bernstein or Dr. Shaver. Technicians check grafts, sort them, and place them into the scalp". Personally will be more comfortable with this type of involvement.
  3. As most people I have been looking for many years for a Dr. I will feel comfortable doing a FUE procedure. Based on previous reviews I contacted Hasson & Wong clinic to learn more about the procedure and what would be the involvement of Dr. Jerry Wong if I decide to move forward with them. They mentioned, that "FUE technician will harvest the follicular units - Dr Wong will make all incision sites - surgical technicians will implant the follicular units into the slits Dr. Wong has created". Does that means that the premium price you pay for one of the most recognized doctors in the i
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