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  1. Libido, that's my issue number one. I mean I have i and It is pretty high, but I have ED either, and I want to deal with that. Well, to be honest I know how to deal with it, but I think it could have a bad side effect on my libido. I am looking for libido pills too, because I now where I can find pills for my ED. I can buy the best viagra pills on https://espanolfarmacia.net and I can be 100% sure I won't have any side effect. If there is somebody else having ED you can easily buy the best viagra pills from the site I gave you
  2. I wanted to say about the connection between training and hair loss , I don't believe it. But if there are comments that people have made a personal observation and realized that their hair is falling out because of the training .. Then I can say that this happens very rarely and individually. And to test this, you need to make an experiment on yourself. My hair is fine, it falls out within the normal range, so I will be happy to continue training in the gym. And I think that hair can fall out due to a lack of vitamins, so you should get tested and consult your doctor on this topic. And I take all the necessary vitamins and supplements for sports, because there are huge nitrosigine pre-workout benefits. Which is probably why I don't lose anything due to training, but gain by improving my health.
  3. Thanks to technology, hair transplantation is a well spread process without any drawbacks or setbacks. The worst part about the procedure is the healing process. The FUT method requires a longer recovery due to many stitches. The method is considerably cheaper than any other, thus it’s being chosen by many people. There are some restrictions in the recovery period: 1. No exposing to the sun 2. No alcohol, cigarettes or drugs 3. No physical activities 4. No saunas or steam baths, because it will cause excessive sweating, thus raising the risk of infections. I believe you will have to postpone your trip recovery after the surgery. In fact the first 10 days you will have to be close to the hospital in case of unpredictable situations. I advise you to buy a hot tube from https://myinflatablehottub.com/4-person-inflatable-hot-tub/ and not to risk going somewhere far from home.