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  1. Looks great man! Judging from the number of grafts you got, your looking at a very dense well filled in result! Excited to see the 6 month and beyond photos
  2. @JohnAC71 not sure to be honest. I think my barber would have done a better job at hiding it. I'm just learning how to cut my own hair due to quarantine/saving money, as you can see in this photo my fading skills are a little choppy haha. Here I think its a 2 faded into a 0 guard. An electric shave blended in at the bottom would have helped my case.
  3. @MichaelD Thank you Michael! I just wanted to be fully transparent with everyone on here as to what my experience has been like. 🙂
  4. Here is a photo of the donor area. As you can see in this photo that there is some scarring in the area, which I did expect (not trying to bail out my surgeon or anything) but it's nothing that a more grown out hair style could cover. I had also already suffered from scarring in that area from previously picking and scratching due to eczema/dermatitis as well as growing up with a top knot and having some traction alopecia in the front back and sides (which is why i required some temple work). If you look at the first photo I posted in this thread, the picture is from about a month of growing o
  5. Hi everyone, Here are my almost 7 month results after getting a haircut. I'm happier with the progress now that it looks like everything is filling out nicely. Excited to see what the coming months will show.
  6. I did also want to mention/acknowledge that I have read the last few big threads about Dr. Bhatti and some of the unprofessional/odd behavior of the Doctor and his reps on this forum. I made it pretty clear to Dr.Bhatti and his team that I have done my research regarding hair transplants, methods, expectations and results. I also made it known that I visited this forum as I showed that I wanted a result similar to another Bhatti poster himself (shoutout to @petroholic) and was looking for a similar result. I myself had a pretty good experience throughout my hair transplant and trip to India an
  7. Hi everyone, back with an update. Below are my photos this morning taken after I had given myself a buzz cut. I prefer to keep my hair buzzed due to the lack of availability of barbers as well as the fact that It's so much easier to maintain. My apologies @KarmaPolice for not providing one sooner. Here are my almost 4 month photos. So far I'm happy with the progress, the dreaded phase of losing all the hair is gone and I'm starting to sprout more and more hair. The last few months toppik was one of my best friends but lately I haven't really felt the need to use it because the new
  8. Here are some photos today on day 15 post op - shaved around the transplanted area to even everything out.
  9. It's just quality of the photo. I went into work today and no one could tell that I had a procedure done, the current result is even quite natural. The hair in the back just happens to be longer as well.
  10. Hey everyone, I thought I would share with everyone my hair transplant experience. Background: I started noticing my hair slowly thinning at 20-21 years old but I was fortunately lucky that it was going quite slow, I knew that I was going to lose my hair to a degree as most of the men in my family experience a degree of hair loss. For years I was in denial about my genetic hair loss and wrote it off as traction alopecia (As I sikh I had worn a top knot as a child up until my late teens), until my aunt had pointed out that my hair was thinning when i was arou
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