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  1. @JohnAC71 yeah for sure! If I do decide on going to a place in India for future work, I would consider Eugenix instead.
  2. @Melvin-Moderator Here's a few photos of the donor. I got a skin-fade about 2 weeks ago.
  3. Hey everyone, It's been over a year now so I thought I'd come back and check in with my final results from this transplant. Would I go back to Dr. Bhatti? No, I don't think my donor area was well managed and has visible scarring on it when i'm in between hair cuts. Luckily it's more noticeable to myself than others. I also think the density could have been a bit better for the "illusion" of a full head of hair. As you can see through a couple photo's that on the left temple, there's a thin patch of hair that had never really filled in (most likely because this area wasn't address
  4. @arkaZ hey bro from my own understanding I dont think SMP can weaken your hairs but it is advised to do it before a procedure rather than SOON after the procedure in order to avoid damaging the new grafts from growing in. I posted my thread here on combining both because I've seen a few combination's posted by doctors but nothing recent and have not talked to anyone who's had it done on this forum. I would say that doing an HT is not a bad idea even if you have a family history of baldness because if you stick to the lifelong regiment of using the big three (fin/min/niz) it can he
  5. Hey @arkaZ yeah i know 3 people who've done the SMP procedure but i find that its usually noticeable when done on its own. Out of the 3 procedures i've seen, 1 of them i think was a little botched/done way too thick around the hairline and the other 2 came out pretty good but theres a shine to both people's head thats noticeable because they dont have much native hair to blend in with it even when buzzed. However, for both of these people I would say that it isn't noticeable to someone who doesn't know about the procedure and does a great job at framing their faces and makes them look a lot yo
  6. Here are a couple of photo's with better quality after giving myself a haircut the other day. I've enjoyed learning how to cut my own hair the last few months but because I'm still on that learning curve I end up making mistakes here and there. This time I did a real bad job of fading my own hair in the back so I'm reluctant on posting a photo of my donor area, I've also got some eczema on the back of my scalp right now that makes me a little self conscious about posting a photo. For my next update I'll try to get an actual barber to give me a haircut just so everyone can see how my donor area
  7. hey @JohnAC71 Here are are few photos from today. I'll post a few better quality one's with the back of my camera in a couple days after a haircut.
  8. For those of you wondering about my procedure and donor area. Here's a photo of me with my fade grown out for about two and a half weeks. I tried to get as a direct of a shot with as high res of a picture. It seems like the scarring would not be as noticeable if I go with a tapered hair style, and maybe the fade job I did on myself showed off some of that scarring more. I plan on giving myself another haircut in a couple days and I'll see how it looks with a lower fade this time. I'll also provide an update of the front of the hair, nearing my 8 month mark. If you look close enough you can see
  9. Hi everyone, I've heard of a few people on youtube/doctor's that some people combine both a hair transplant and FUE to have an illusion of a fuller head of hair, especially those with a lack of donor area/density. I'm wondering if anyone has done it here themselves or has any other useful links of individuals getting both procedures done? I have a few friends that are interested in doing hair restoration and would love to provide some examples of how both procedures can be combined to do so. Thanks everyone!
  10. Looks great man! Judging from the number of grafts you got, your looking at a very dense well filled in result! Excited to see the 6 month and beyond photos
  11. @JohnAC71 not sure to be honest. I think my barber would have done a better job at hiding it. I'm just learning how to cut my own hair due to quarantine/saving money, as you can see in this photo my fading skills are a little choppy haha. Here I think its a 2 faded into a 0 guard. An electric shave blended in at the bottom would have helped my case.
  12. @MichaelD Thank you Michael! I just wanted to be fully transparent with everyone on here as to what my experience has been like. 🙂
  13. Here is a photo of the donor area. As you can see in this photo that there is some scarring in the area, which I did expect (not trying to bail out my surgeon or anything) but it's nothing that a more grown out hair style could cover. I had also already suffered from scarring in that area from previously picking and scratching due to eczema/dermatitis as well as growing up with a top knot and having some traction alopecia in the front back and sides (which is why i required some temple work). If you look at the first photo I posted in this thread, the picture is from about a month of growing o
  14. Hi everyone, Here are my almost 7 month results after getting a haircut. I'm happier with the progress now that it looks like everything is filling out nicely. Excited to see what the coming months will show.
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