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  1. Thanks for the info. Do you know what method BF uses in terms of duration of time from extraction to insertion of grafts?
  2. Waiting on BF getting back, thanks for the heads up on Villa, will check her out.
  3. @paddyirishman do you have a thread on your FUE at Eugenix? How long did it take you to get there and how long were you there? How many grafts etc? Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the replies. The reason I would prefer not to spend a long time away is due to having a young family(2nd child just 3 weeks old). My wife is supportive and would probably be ok with it but not sure it sits right with me leaving her to it while I go away but maybe it’s just what will have to be if I don’t find a comparative clinic closer to home. I was looking at closer to the end of this year.
  5. Hi, long term lurker over the years on this forum and thanks so much to all who contribute to make it that little bit easier for myself and everyone else. Finally decided to sign up due to wanting some degree of closure(not possible!) on my hairloss situation. I wet shaved my head for the first time a month ago to see if I could live with it and I dont like it. Its grown in slightly now and ive sort of shaved what i have into a Mohawk!...also known as the balding guys go to hairstyle! I have been considering SMP recently but for a good number of years now I have wanted to go the FUE route and like most have spent, hours/days/weeks researching all procedures/surgeons/methods/costs/locations etc etc. Im trying to whittle it down and have contacted a good number of places and would be really grateful for any advice given my stipulations/situation below: - I have diffuse thinning on top but still have coverage with fibers involved. Hairline and mid is fairly ravaged and theres a bit more mid to back. My donor area is not overly strong. Would be quite happy to rebuild the hairline and if lucky a bit of mid scalp. Ive tried minox but it irritates my scalp. Tried fin about 10 years ago for a few years but got the fear and came off. Is Fin/Minox mix topical a good solution? Or am I just as likely to get irritation? I used Spectral DNC-N and Redensyl but not sure it done much. Would prefer Stick and place type incision method. Love HLC’s work but the two flights(Im in the UK) and being away for about 5 nights doesn’t sit well with me. Was thinking more recently of Brussels and Pro Hair Clinic due to being closer to home and limiting time away but still not convinced on their method. If only HLC were in Brussels! Ha. Would anyone have any recommendations given the above? I would potentially travel to Istanbul at a push but I think Ankara is just too much of a stretch. Price wise I would be looking at no more than 2.70 euro – 3 at most. Apologies for the long windedness!