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  1. Portugal, I just learned recently of BT and even chest hair transplant, however, in my case, although bu being a fairly hairy dude, the coarse hair of my beard is not straight unless it’s very short. My chest hair is very curly, not straight. I posted a new of my beard here although not of my chest,,,how often do they do these procedures? I’d be interested in seeing before and after pictures of patients, just to see how those type of hairs do actually fit on your head! 🙂
  2. Thank you all. There is a lot of information to digest.@Portugal25, I have a question for you let me clarify that I’m not afraid to get on a plane. I’m actually meeting planner. What I am afraid is not knowing how many times would I be likely required to travel overseas from the time I have my first consultation until I go to for my last check up? What i also fear is not knowing how most average surgery cases: how long would I be required to spend overseas for the first consultation? Would I be required to fly back to get the surgery and how long should I expect to spend overseas? Am I require
  3. @Sam818, I have not consulted with Dr. Bloxham yet, assuming his fee is likely highest then the 12-14K I’m already getting from Bosley and Maximhair I’m Guessing that the independent clinics all charge a consultation fee. So I should probably choose two or three of them also, but I would like to have an approx idea of their fees
  4. @Portugal25, I should have mentioned that I got a haircut about 10 days ago. I carry it very short to sort of “blend” the hair loss!!!
  5. Where to go within the US or overseas, to get a quality FUT, comparable to those performed by Wesley, Dorin, Bernstein, etc.? I have been quoted between 12 and 14k by Bosley and around same by Maximhair, however, I don’t have access to review their doctors reviews i understand I would have to pay even more to have it done by one of the top surgeons are there any doctors in Latinamerica, Eastern Europe where I could pay about half of what bosley and Maximhair charge and still, get comparable quality results as those performed in an NYC? Would I be able to sav
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