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  1. @HairFunk will try to whenever i can. Also actually i am angry at both transplants. I went in blind for first one. Second one i am more upset because i knew what i wanted and had to get it right. I asked many times, even right before surgery to go for higher density and single hair natrual looks but they still manage to screw it up. The surgeon has 20 years plus experience.
  2. @Cardin1977 yes, it can be removed and scarring will depends on my skin reaction. I believe i can do laser resurfacing later on to improve if the scarring is bad. Also second one really taught me there ain't many surgeons in the world capable of acheiving high standard hair transplants. It is not all about cost or experiences as hair transplant involves many small elements that needs to executed perfectly to get natrual looking results in my opinion. So, just make sure take your time and find the right one.
  3. @Aftermath yes i have contacted a few. @Cardin1977 The design was done by doctor looks nothing like the end result. The rest incisions, planting, extractions were done by techs. I am sure there are lots of ethical clinics in Turkey. Just make sure you do lots of research. I just didn't do enough and trusted all the fake reviews on google.
  4. Yes, my biggest concern are my temples which the lastest surgery did nothing. Even the hairline i have not much hope looking at the after op pic density. My plan will be to punch these grafts out at temple and reimplant them correctly if they are any good and use as little as possible from my donor area.
  5. Yes, i am not quite sure what this UK clinic has done. They neither punched out the grafts or went for high density to comouflage the previous work. They had enough grafts to go for higher density. On the top of that there are a lot of multigrafts they placed in hairline. Did nothing to my temple to correct it either. Plus this doctor implanted doubles in my perfectly soft temple hairs. I will try to take a few more in coming days in better lighting.
  6. Yes, second one is slight improvement but far away from what i have expected judging from after op pics. Given that it was 1000 grafts usage and seeing the low density plus multigrafts in hairline. Plus they did nothing to repair my temples. For donor pic, please see above photos. I say maybe about 1000 grafts left before i am left with complete bald patches! Hopefully for next and last repair i want to remove hair from temple area and reuse them in front hairline to add density. Not sure if that is the possibility?
  7. Here its with about clipper size 2. Apologies if the photos are abit unclear.
  8. yes, I am awaiting for their response to see how they will resolve it. To be fair, after 1st transplant in Turkey the front view wasn't that bad albeit with many double grafts. My issues was temporal point and the hairline coming down to side of head and hair implanted in wrong direction.
  9. My hair transplant journey started about a year and half ago. First of all I have never experienced a hair loss but just had minor receding at temples and huge forehead. My age is 30. This was the reason I started looking into a hair transplant .Below are my natural hair before transplants; For my first FUE, I went to Turkey to a clinic called Clinicexpert on recommendation of a friend. I made a huge mistake, they took out about 2700 grafts to lower my hairline. First I requested for straighter hairline but they suggested to follow my natural hairline which I agreed to it. Long story short, they really messed it up by giving me feminine hairline and placing hairs in wrong angulations and multigrafts at hairline.I knew something was not right but I did not have enough knowledge about hair transplant. I waited about a year to give it time and let the hair grow out. The end result was disappointing to say the least. At least my hair is thick and it was not such obvious at front but from side profiles it looked really bad. It was making me really depressed and unhappy, so i decided to go for second one to correct the issues. Again at this point because of my busy lifestyle, I did not do extensive research again! My thinking was to get it done in UK with good reputable experience surgeon and clinic with good reviews. So, I found one with Doctor that supposedly had 20 years experiences and clinic based in Harley street. This time I did asked a lot of questions about single hair placement in hairline, high density and others. The clinic manager and surgeon both promised me they will place only fine single hairs on hairline and density of 30 grafts per cm2 will be achieved. I asked for higher density. At this point my donor looked good at medium hair length, so I decided to go for 1000 grafts to close my hairline gap and make it more softer and straighter which should be plenty for very small area.On operation day my experience again was about the same as in Turkey, only different being doctor making incisions and techs doing the rest. But in my mind I had faith because of the surgeon experiences and being that the clinic is based in famous Harley street with good reviews. After ops photos looks ok but the density looks no where near 30grafts per cm2 and also I counted to see about 200-250 grafts on both side of hairline and maybe about 50 or so behind (in existing hairs) In total about 600 visible but nearly about 400 missing. To this day I still haven't had answer from clinic to explain where they have gone.Fast forward to today, 5 months or so the hair are growing but I can see plenty of doubles and even triple on hairline and temple. Still at early stage but I am very upset. The fact that when I have specifically requested for; good density, temple work and single grafts hairline. None of which has been met. The clinic did not even kept surgical record of graft counts (single, double & etc). Now I am in very difficult position with pretty much low donor reserve, possibly sparse hairline with multi grafts and bad temple points. This is why I've decided to create account to post and get suggestions with my case. The good thing is i have been doing research and understanding more about crucial details of hair transplant. I have had a few consultations with popular surgeons from this forum and also plan to meet a few more in coming months in Belgium. The one that stood out so far was Dr Pradeep & Dr Arika of Eugenix clinic in India. I met Dr Pradeep in London. He has a lot of knowledge and on the day also met with a few of his ex patients during consultation. From their site I also found a few repair cases similar to mine. So I am planning to go to their clinic in India during my holiday to discuss further in a few months time. Any other suggestions?? Note - the reason I haven't disclosed the UK clinic and surgeon name is I am currently awaiting to see how they will deal with my concerns.