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  1. Yea the check up assistant said it was fine but who knows maybe I'll wait a couple months . I may still get one to use for my crown area in the mean time. From what I see the 0.25mm is the most popular for weekly use
  2. Also another question ? Does anybody do microneedling? If so is it ok to do so 4 months post fue ? Or would that cause harm you think. Considering giving it a try , what would be a good size to start with.
  3. Question for anyone viewing that has had a ht already, when did you find the most growth appeared. Between what months?
  4. Yea will post some today. It actually healed really well and fast. Nothing even of notice. I know I'm only about 4 months post this week . But I notice when I shampoo condition my hair. The hairs look really thin almost as if not much progress is made. As a pose to about 3 days of not using shampoo or product my hair looks better and I can actually see/feel more growth lol maybe it's in my head and I'm just over thinking.
  5. How many grafts did you get to your hairline and temples? I'm 4 months post aswell . Your hairline and temples look good though , if I could eventually get mine touched up similar to that I would be happy.
  6. Hey here are some updated pics. I'd say I'm about 3 month and 3 weeks ish now. A few directly under flash , and some directly under shitty bright white bathroom light lol . Definitely starting to notice a difference. Hair doesnt blow in the wind like it use to haha but it is also shorter. Excited for the coming months hopefully some more growth. *crosses fingers
  7. Some more pre surgery pics and 1 day post surgery pics
  8. Hey guys so I'm about 3 months and maybe 1 or 2 weeks out. It was nov 28 when I had the procedure. I'll post some more pics of before aswell. And some updated ones. I'm noticing in my hairline there is a small maybe half a pinky , area where not much hair seems to have sprouted, in regards to other areas atleast. Is this normal? I have to stop looking in the mirror every hour
  9. Hey hows it going everyone ! Decided I would make my progress thread here as there is more interaction with this place Currently at month 3 now. 2500 grafts with rahal in Toronto. Everything went great from procedure to recovery. The only thing I wish I touched up on were my temples abit but due to my hairloss situation it wasnt advised. Maybe down the road I can touch it up , see how these results turn out. Now that I'm at the 3 month mark Im hoping progress starts to move along now .Here's a few pics of before , basically immediately after , roughly 1 month post ,2 months post and my current progress from about a week ago. The pictures are also with the hair combed forward. I havent cut the top of my hair and dont plan on it for awhile.