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  1. Hi all. Haven't updated 3rd month cos hardly any difference between 2 vs3. Slowly regrowth has started so going to update you guys in 4th and then each next month
  2. Guys do not argue please. I agree that we need to speak up for good and bad clinics. Hence this kind of forum. We invest our big amount of ££€€$$ and the most important grafts in someone's hand. Let's choose wisely. We need to give feedback to every result. There is too many clinics in the world and just some are worthy to give a try. We need to talk about it very loud do not pretend that everything and everywhere is cool.
  3. Maximum I can post is this one. Wanna stay anonymous. Thx for understanding Yes 1 month after but still might shed more up to 2 month.
  4. Guys come on. We need to wait for the second surgery regrowth to judge the whole result. At the moment we can see and mark mostly the first procedure which let's be honest is very poor. 30% regrowth after 1st ht is a huge exaggeration. I could say 50-60% which is very very bad especially that most of 3-4 hair grafts have died. My donor area was 8200 but within age is getting lower. Let's say for the future I will have left around 3500 and mostly 1-2 hair grafts. Iam in a poor situation. All what I need from Dr Koray is having a good regrowth at the moment. I have been fighting hairloss for many years and was having trouble just with the front the rest maintain quite easier. We need to wait then we can discuss more. I just wanted to share with you my unsuccessful first surgery and hoping that they are going to fix it with the second one. In both cases Dr Koray was doing the incisions. Being honest my hair were looking quite natural, hairline also. The problem was with the lack of density and gaps. That Koray wears glasses everyone knows. I do wear as well. It should not be a problem for the incision as long as he uses proper equipment for that and always might put on the contact lenses. I do not want the clinic to defend or abuse at the moment. Want to be fair and wait 6 max 9 months to judge the final result. Yes my touch up was free one. I gonna add photos every month and within 5-7 months time we will see how it has been done. 4300 grafts its way too much but fingers crossed for great effect this time cos we can not to turn back time.
  5. What do you mean by writing what they done to my hairline? IYO what's wrong with it?? I was very upset going through the same procedure again . Had to take holiday for that occasion , cut my hair completely, and now wait for the regrowth 3-6 months. Its horrible but its life sometimes nothing we can do. Yes I had to go back or not doing it at all. Spent with everything almost 8000€ so touch up it in a better clinic like Ferudini, Couto, Keser and so on for another 1000 grafts would cost me another 4000-5500£ what is way too much for me . Really, does he suffer from eye sight problem? How people might know that and get such information from?! Yea IMO if everything went good after 1st procedure with 3073 grafts I would be really pleased. Its normal amount cos they used some grafts also for my temple peaks. Additional 1200 I would prefer to keep for the future hairloss. Unfortunately had to use for the same area. Now my fight against the rest of my hair will have to last forever. Good that my treatment works and no side effects otherwise I would be in a very bad situation. Hopefully decision of adding 1200 grafts gonna worth it and the result will be much better than the first one.
  6. No they haven't told me about the percentage but mentioned that not many 3-4 hair grafts have survived. With the donor area Iam pretty happy its true they really take care of this very important area. Have followed your thread and you got pretty the same everything like me . I know your pain. Its like you have a better hair(due to hairline and some hair behind) but still need to use a lot of different cosmetics and style them to hide the empty gaps and poor density. I can not wait for my final result. Hoping this time finally gonna be what I expect and trust me my expectations are not really high. Just normal one. I do understand its just a HT.
  7. Hello guys. Can see on this forum more people take a part. HLT forum has lately died. Have checked many threads in here and noticed that many of you who had been doing ht in Asmed got the same issue like me after 1st procedure. Had a touch up cos my gaps and lack of density behind the hairline was killing me. This is the link to my first hair transplanthttps://www.hairlosstalk.com/intera...key-dr-koray-erdogan-3073grafts.112181/page-3Wasn't happy at all. Had no density and loads of gaps between some area(you can see properly now on the photo below). Have decided to give another try to Dr. Koray. Seen many bad results lately, but he used to be the top one. Still believe he can do a very good hair transplant like before 2017( on which I based my opinion about chosing the clinic). I am aware its a bit risky to do it but wanted to trust him again. Hopefully this time more grafts gonna survive and I haven't made a wrong decision... gain everything(nice looking front and almost whole nw3 covered with grafts or lose almost everything, many grafts used and still not being pleased). Let's see and the answer we will get within 6-9 months (seen already 2 guys in here which had touch up in the same clinic(asmed) and is looking great. )