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  1. Hi Guys, I am an 38 year old American who have been working in Germany. My budget is not high and the most important thing for me is to feel safe. I had contacted many clinics and got their offers. I had searched for near one year and after my investigation I had decided that I wanted to get hair transplantation from a doctor who is a member of ISHRS and IAHRS due to the fact that I was super worried. After some research,I called to Dr. Bicer. Dr Bicer answered my all questions, one by one, patiently, and I was in contact with her assistant for three months before the operation. Approximately 2 months ago, I travelled to Istanbul, the transfer and the hotel was pretty fine but its not that important for me. On the day of the operation, they did all the tests; they looked at my blood test and blood pressure. Dr. Bicer drew my hairline, and she offered three-four alternatives about it, along with them she explained the advantages and disadvantages for each. She then did my local anesthesia and showed me the punches she was going to use, the 0.7 . When she was doing my extraction , she informed me on the fact that my hair quality and tissue was fine. Dr. Bicer did the whole surgical part alone (incision )and she was with me all day with the nurses in other parts and told me my neck area was going to get better gradually. Everything is going really fine so far, thanks for all the patient comments I read online on forum pages and thank you to the organization of ISHRS and IAHRS and German forum. I had a really safe and incredible period thanks to you, and I am delighted to share with you the whole process.