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  1. Have consulted with them once. They inflate the graft requirement to make up for the low price, I am a NW 1.5 and was quoted 2.5K grafts. They may be good for mid scalp but surely not for hairline design.
  2. Oh man I'm sheduled to start taking them in about 3 weeks and stuff like this gives me nightmares.
  3. Bro could you get Dr Pradeep & Dr Arika's opinion on Topical Dutasteride? I've seen a lot of talk going around this at the moment. Couple of surgeons I visited also advised topical solutions over pills.
  4. I've heard of stories where people lost their hair after stopping medications (more so for Mintop than Fin), but I suppose you can get topical Dutasteride - that seems to be in demand right now and much safer than Finesteride also. I am considering getting something along the same lines. Also man, why Finasteride? From your pictures I don't see you bald at all (I know you have problems with your donor). I wouldn't be on medications in my 20s if I don't have notice severe balding. This is what I was advised by top doctors in India too.
  5. You're a pretty solid looker @Shakib, I hope your results turn out good over the next couple of months. Do keep us updated.
  6. There's BHT and beard extraction too - that can give you hairline coverage. Get a proper opinion this time around. If you have chest hair, they can extract about 1000-1500 along with maybe another 500 from the beard. This can fix the hairline and you can SMP the donor. All's not lost, you can still fix this.
  7. This is actually the problem with getting procedures done with clinics without a proper track record. Since they have no proper affiliation, you can't even have your issues heard by someone. If I were you, I'd get SMP done on the donor and the front (wherever applicable), and (if possible at all) have my hairline tweaked very conservatively and put this to rest and move on. When my frontal was thinning I trimmed by sides and back and grew out my top, this look actually put more emphasis on the top alone, and along with a beard, I could take away the focus from my head. Here's an
  8. I never denigrated this forum, I was only appalled by the conduct of the mods in that thread. Specifically about user bans and assertions of undercover agents. I agree with you about this forum's integrity, and that is solely due to the awesome user base we have here. It is them who keep this forum under check, fair, un-biased, and it is them who called you out on the BS you tried to sell on that specific thread - and them alone responsible for bringing us cases of bad HT that warn future patients about the decisions they make. You're doing a good job, thank you, and while my intentions ar
  9. Yeah, I was shocked to look at that thread too, its not just the poster of this topic who got banned (who seems to be a victim of bad donor extraction), but some others also for simply pointing out the obvious mistakes made by the surgeon. From normalizing failure, trying to shift focus on other poster boy patients and asserting that other users were spies from another clinic out to destroy Dr. Bhatti , both these lads @Bill - Seemiller and @Melvin-Moderator have done all that can be done to save Dr. Bhatti in that thread. Not to mention the massive dump that @Shera always takes on such pat
  10. This thread is an absolute mess. I hope both these guys found a way out.
  11. I'm looking forward to your progress buddy, and why would you not be allowed? Post them pictures here
  12. Guys with all due respect, why take a dump on Shakib's thread? He seems alright for now, if I were at the 4-month mark looking forward to good results and then I saw a truck load of posts on my topic about how my surgeon is a screw up and about there being gaps in my post-op pics, I would certainly have sleepless nights. One can clearly see that @Shakib's midscalp isn't completely bald - that could explain the gaps. I think the post-op pictures look alright here.
  13. Well if that's the case the first thing I'd be doing is to count the number of grafts from my post-op pictures and verify if at all 2400 grafts have indeed been implanted. If actual density is lower than what has been quoted, I think in your case you should be a little elated. That's X number of grafts saved and repair becomes easier with a good supply. But if at all there have been 2400 incisions made at the donor, and for some weird reason, a lesser number implanted - that would be a different nightmare. Regardless I think your repair should be easy, and let's not forget you're only
  14. Why are the grafts at the frontal hairline spaced so far apart? Did you have a diffused loss? Pre-op pictures would be nice to see (If you're okay with uploading them).
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