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  1. Interesting for sure, definitely something to consider. I will add that I've seen patient accounts of "botched" procedures on Hasson & Wong's side as well just to be fair. I don't think any surgeon is going to have a 100% satisfaction rate given the nature of this work. Home1212 Thanks for the account! Real stories like yours are invaluable to patients like me. Much appreciated!
  2. Hi, Recently been searching for qualified hair transplant surgeons and have settled on deciding between Rahal or Hasson & Wong. I've had a consultation with both surgeons and they've recommended the same number of grafts based on my hair loss (2000 grafts). I am also looking to do a FUE procedure since I see it as less invasive but would not entirely be opposed to FUT. Looking for patient accounts from both surgeons as I would love to hear about people's experiences at either clinic. Any help in this decision would be much appreciated and feel free to PM me!
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